19UG5019G0002 | Packaging and Crating Tender | March 4, 2019 at 1600 hours

A packer must meet the following requirements to become eligible to participate and perform services under this TOS. The applicable approval documentation with a complete tender package must be mailed to the attention of Customs & Shipping Supervisor, General Services Office. The applicable documents must be express mailed or hand-delivered with this Tender to General Service Office-(Shipping), U.S Embassy, 1577 Ggaba Rd., P.O. Box 7007, Kampala, Uganda. Questions relating to the approval requirement may be directed to Janat Kajumba 256-414-306052 or by e-mail at KampalaPackingSTOS@state.gov or Searcie, Sean 256-414-306169 or by e-mail at KampalaPackingSTOS@state.gov

Download: Packing-Crating-Tender-2019

Download: Letter of intent Kampala – 2019

Download: Motorcycle Crating Guidelines 2019

Download: 14 FAM Exhibit 611.request for crating document Kampala

Download: Rates Sheet – Packing Tender 2019 Kampala (Excel  sheet)

Download: Tender-Compliance-Checklist 2019.

Download: Acronyms used within this Tender of service Kampala