2021 End of Year PEPFAR Uganda Science Summit: Scientific and Programmatic Highlights on HIV&TB

2021 End of Year PEPFAR Uganda Science Summit: Scientific and Programmatic Highlights on HIV&TB

This report is a record of the virtual summit organized by the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Uganda for its stakeholders; Uganda Ministry of Health (MoH) including its Public Health Fellowship Program (PHFP), implementing partners, and other Ugandan health researchers.

The summit held on December 2nd and 3rd, 2021, with over 250 participants, was aimed at sharing “the scientific and programmatic highlights of HIV and TB in Uganda.”

This report highlights discussions, summarizes key findings and discussions of the meeting.

Summit Objectives:

  • To disseminate findings from recent and ongoing HIV- and TB-related research in Uganda (whether PEPFAR-funded or non-PEPFAR funded)
  • To apprise PEPFAR UG staff and stakeholders on PEPFAR program successes, challenges and new priorities identified by implementing partners
  • To inform the upcoming PEPFAR UG Country Operating Plan 2022 process (which will begin in Jan 2022) plus national policies and programs.Participants: US government PEPFAR team and implementing partners, Uganda Ministry of Health (including Public Health Fellowship Program and others), and other Ugandan health researchers.

SUMMIT AGENDA: PEPFAR Science Summit Agenda 2-3DEC21.


Summit Objectives:

The Summit featured four sessions each day, led by one session chair from PEPFAR Uganda and other key stakeholders from Implementing Partners. Each session consisted of a set of multiple mixed five- and ten-minutes presentations from both scientific and programmatic tracks grouped by topic and given by scientists whose submitted presentations were accepted by the organizing committee. Each session ended with a Q&A/discussion led by the session chair.

List of Presentations by day and Session# Day 1 Thursday 2nd Dec 2021

Session #1: HIV Testing, Key Populations, children/adolescents, OVC andGBV- Chaired by Dr. Stella Alamo

Session #2: Continuity of Care and Treatment, STI and Prevention Services- Chaired by Dr. Andrew Kambugu

Session #3: MTCT, Medications and Pharmacovigilance- Chaired by Dr. Lisa A Mills

Session #4: Surveys, Systems and Surveillance – Chaired by Dr. Steve Reynolds

Day 2 Friday 3rd Dec 2021

Session #1: TB, Cervical Cancer and Advanced HIV Disease- Chaired by Dr.Seyoum Dejene

Session #2: Viral Load Suppression in Children/Adolescents, Men and at System Level – Chaired by Dr. Donna Kabatesi

Session #3: Program Achievements and Challenges- Chaired by Dr. Norbert Mubiru

Session #4: Systems- Chaired by Dr. Immaculate Ddumba