Over 300 Delegates Meet in Gulu to discuss the State of Children in Northern Uganda

GULU – On December 16, 2015, the United States Government in partnership with the Government of Uganda and Gulu district leadership hosted over 300 participants at the first Regional Forum on the State of the Ugandan Child with special focus on challenges faced by children in northern Uganda.

The one-day forum brought together participants from both the private and public sectors, including district and local government officials, child rights advocates,  civil society organizations, religious leaders,  development partners, media and other key stakeholders.

Participants pledged their commitment to support the draft National Action Plan for Child Well-Being in their region and in Uganda as a whole. The draft Action Plan seeks to provide a clear direction for collective efforts to build a Uganda in which all children can survive, grow and develop to their full potential.

Key presentations by child rights experts from Acholi sub-region committed to the well-being of children highlighted challenges to child development, in the areas of health, nutrition, girls’ education, child protection, and the justice system.

Statistics show that under 5 mortality rate in northern Uganda is 105 per 1000 live births and this is higher than the national average.