Alumni Impact Awards – Nominations

U.S. Mission Uganda | Alumni Impact Awards

To celebrate the impact of U.S. program alumni as we celebrate 60 years of the U.S.-Uganda relationship, the U.S. Mission will acknowledge the outstanding work of Ugandan alumni through the Alumni Impact Awards.

The Embassy will solicit nominations for 13 Award Categories (see below for list) from alumni and Embassy staff via an online platform.  The nominations will be considered by a committee consisting of both Alumni and Embassy staff, with nominations of five finalists in the categories submitted to the Ambassador for approval.

The YALI-RLC Alumni Chapter of Uganda will provide administrative support for the award process and award ceremony, tentatively scheduled for January 21, 2023.

Definition of U.S. Program Alumni:

  • Alumni of a U.S. government-supported exchange programs.
    • Exchange programs include the International Visitor Leadership program (IVLP), Fulbright Program, Mandela Washington Fellowship, SUSI, PAYLP, CEE, CSP, PFP and other programs funded by the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs and managed by the Public Affairs Section. YALI-Regional Leadership Center Alumni (USAID funded)
  • Alumni of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Uganda
  • Alumni of MA or PhD programs in the United States, funded by the U.S. government (including CDC, USAID, DOD, or other programs)

* Final confirmation of “U.S. government supported exchange programs” will be made by the Selection Committee.  Please email with questions about alumni status for the purpose of these awards.

Nominations Open October 28 – November 25, 2022

Rules for the Nomination Process:

  • U.S. exchange program alumni and Embassy staff can nominate candidates for these awards. The nomination form will request details concerning the candidate’s exchange program, and all nominations will be verified against U.S. Embassy databases.
  • Alumni and Embassy staff can nominate more than one alumni, but each justification must be specific and detailed.
  • No award committee members will be eligible for the awards.
  • No employees of the Embassy will be eligible for the awards.
  • Alumni and Embassy staff cannot nominate themselves or a family member.

The nomination form includes the following criteria:

1) Alum’s impact on their community/sector after the Exchange
2) Leadership qualities
3) Strengthening ties between the U.S. and Uganda in the category
4) How the Alum shared their exchange experience with others
5) Positive Role Model for Ugandans

Justifications should detail the Alum’s impact and other selection criteria with specific examples.

Impact can be defined as affecting policy or social change; providing meaningful social benefit; contributing to education or training; or raising of awareness or consciousness about important issues. Impact must be community-wide, but their community can be defined as their neighborhood, their city, their region, or their nation.

One winner will be selected for each category, and notable runners up may be mentioned at the Award Ceremony.



  1. The Dorothy Ngalombi Lifetime Achievement Award: Named after Dorothy Ngalombi, the longest serving Public Diplomacy professional at the U.S. Embassy in Uganda, we recognize her work supporting U.S. Government Exchange program participants over the years. This award goes to the alum who has had the greatest impact on their communities using the experience they gained while in the United States. Impact can be defined as affecting policy or social change, providing meaningful social benefit, contributing to education, training, or raising of awareness or consciousness about important issues.
  2. Outstanding Alum in the Public Sector: The successful award winner will be a leader in the public sector as a team leader or lead consultant in public services or governance. This award focuses on people in the government ministries, elected representatives, national or local government departments, and agencies in the country.
  3. Outstanding Alum in Business and Entrepreneurship: The winner must have brought on board innovative and sustainable solutions to local challenges through business. Ideal candidates will have changed the way an aspect of business is done in Uganda. Nominated individuals must be currently operating a successful business which is compliant and impactful to their local communities.
  4. Outstanding Alum in Civic Leadership: The winner will have demonstrated impact in civic leadership, including through community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, or advocacy groups. Ideal candidates will have undertaken projects with a focus on building diverse groups, worked in multiple regions of Uganda, and engaged with a variety of stakeholders.
  5. Outstanding Alum in Innovation and Information and Communication Technology (ICT): As one of the key backbones in building sustainable businesses, this award targets any alumni who have built and run successful ICT projects. The project(s) may be in the public or private sector, and the nominees should demonstrate why their work in ICT has a positive impact on their communities.
  6. Outstanding Leader in the Alumni Community: This award targets those alumni who have created impact in leading other U.S. Exchange alumni at either local or national levels through servant leadership and integrity.  Ideal      candidates will have assisted in organizing the alumni network and constantly participated in alumni initiatives.
  7. Outstanding Alum in Agriculture: This award targets alumni who recognize the importance of agriculture in national development. Ideal candidates will h  have undertaken innovative paths, designed systems and tools, or run a business or organizations that are improving agriculture in Uganda. These must be beyond the idea level, with quantifiable effects.
  8. Outstanding Alum in Media and Journalism: This will recognize an alum whose passion for information has resulted in being at the forefront of media and journalism. Candidates may be print journalists, hosts of a recognized program in the media, or they have started up their own organization focused on training and improving journalists.
  9. Outstanding Alum in the Creative Arts: This will be given to an alum who is creating a great impact in the creative arts, including visual art, dance, film/drama, fashion, and music. The preferred winner of this award is one who have succeeded in promoting the arts and creative industry of Uganda. The ideal candidate has undertaken projects to expand the industry in Uganda, worked with various stakeholders, and supported new entrants into the arts industry of Uganda.
  10. Outstanding Alum (or Alumni) in Health: In recognition of going through a hard period of COVID-19 and other health-related challenges in the country, this award will be given to an alumnus or a group of alumni who have made substantial impact in the health sector. These efforts must have contributed to public health goals in Uganda with high-end impact in the community.
  11. Outstanding Alum in Education: Education is fundamentally key to the development of every country. This award will recognize alumni who have gone an extra mile to ensure that young people of Uganda attain education by their mode of implementation, or, by the new methodology of delivery. Candidates may have provided solutions at primary, secondary, tertiary or university education systems.
  12. Outstanding Young Alum: This award will be given to an alum under the age of 25 who has made substantial impact in their communities since returning from their program. Young alumni can be working or studying in any field, but have demonstrated community activism, leadership, and organizational skills mobilizing peers and fellow citizens for the benefit of their community.
  13. Alumni Booster Award: This award will recognize the organization or individual who has provided the most substantial support for U.S. program alumni in Uganda. Through funding, professional advising, access to decision makers, and training, the nominated organization or individual must be instrumental in supporting other alumni become agents for positive change in their communities. Candidates do not need to be alumni but must have engaged in supporting U.S. Exchange Alumni to achieve their dreams through social and professional endeavors. It is important if that leader/ organization has supported members from diverse groups and regions.