Ambassador DeLisi meets with recipients of the Special Self-Help Programs 2013

People sitting at tables. (Photo Credit: State Department)

Recipients of this year’s Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program grants gathered for a half-day workshop at U.S. Mission Uganda on May 28, 2013. The recipients, selected from over 260 applications, represent community-based organizations from rural Uganda working to enhance agricultural productivity, improve nutrition, develop employment opportunities for women, and support orphans and people leaving with HIV/AIDS.

Tanya Ronning, Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program Coordinator, advised the participants as to how to work with the U.S. Government in administration of federal assistance and federal assistance post-award requirements.  The participants also had an opportunity to share information about their organizations and their community programs to form a network of resources among themselves.  As part of the workshop, the Mission’s Information Resource Center organized a special presentation to the group about other resources that are available to the public at the Mission.

U.S. Ambassador Scott H. DeLisi met with the group to congratulate them on their selection and to encourage them to continue serving their communities. In his remarks, Ambassador said, “The interest in this program is overwhelming and the program demonstrates the commitment of local communities to improving their own lives. Having previously served in several African countries, I am particularly fond of the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund and am honored to not only offer my title to the program, but also my support and encouragement to your efforts. In my short time in Uganda, I have seen numerous examples of how a small amount of assistance can have a dramatic impact on communities and transform lives. It is always inspiring to see determined and spirited communities and citizens realizing their vision of Uganda.”