April 30 – May 4 is Air Quality Awareness Week.

April 30 – May 4 is Air Quality Awareness Week.  This year’s theme is Air Quality Where You Are.  The goal is to promote events that increase air quality awareness and inspire people to take steps, no matter how small or large, to reduce their contribution to air pollution.

The U.S. State Department puts air quality monitors on some of the U.S. embassies and consulates around the world to provide information on the quality of air around the embassy.  To learn about the air quality monitoring around the U.S. Embassy Kampala go to www.airnow.gov, select ‘Embassies and Consulate,’ and select Kampala.

Please note that a single air monitor at U.S. Embassy Kampala cannot perform #KampalaAirQuality analysis for all of Kampala – it only covers a small area in the section of Kampala near the embassy.

Download Fact sheet: Quick Facts About the Air You Breathe Everyday

When too much dirt or too many chemicals get into the air, the air is dirty, or polluted. Polluted air is not good for…

Posted by U.S. Embassy Kampala on Monday, April 30, 2018