Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to enter Uganda?
U.S. travelers to Uganda need entry visas.  You may wish to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda  in Washington D.C. for information about visa requirements.  Tourist visas can be obtained upon arrival at the Entebbe International Airport. You can also refer to the State Department’s travel website  for more information about traveling to Uganda.  We encourage you to register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program  if you are planning to come to Uganda.

What assistance does the Embassy offer to prospective investors?
The U.S. Embassy in Kampala’s Economic and Commercial Section offers a range of services  to investors and businesses interested in working in Uganda.  The section also updates a Country Commercial Guide  and an Investment Climate Statement  on an annual basis. Please contact the Commercial Section at for more information.  It is also advisable to check with the Economic and Commercial Section to learn more about the business environment while planning your investment.

How do I export goods to Uganda?
Information about exporting goods to Uganda can be obtained from the Customs Department at the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) website at

I got an email from a company in Uganda looking to do business with my firm. Is the company legitimate?
Unfortunately, several U.S. companies have engaged with Ugandan companies that proved to be fraudulent. If you have concerns about doing business with a Ugandan company, please contact the Economic and Commercial Section (

How can I network with potential Ugandan business partners or U.S. firms already operating in Uganda?
Uganda boasts a number of active private sector organizations, including the American Chamber of Commerce , the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, and the Uganda Manufacturers Association.

Can the US Embassy help me resolve a complaint against a Ugandan company?
If your firm is having difficulties with a Ugandan company, please feel free to contact us and provide detailed information about the situation, contact data, and documented proof of unsuccessful attempts at resolving the problem. We will analyze your case and provide assistance accordingly. Please be advised that the Embassy, by its own initiative, does not intervene in questions arising from private transactions. It does however, attempt to clarify misunderstandings.

I need legal advice. Where can I find a list of law firms in Uganda?
The Embassy’s Consular Section maintains a list of attorneys in Uganda.  Please note that the U.S. Embassy does not endorse any of the listed firms but provides this information as a service.

How do I find information about exporting my agricultural products?
You will find information about “Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards-FAIRS” from the Foreign Agricultural Service. If you need additional information or assistance, you will find a live link to the web site of the Foreign Agricultural Service in Kenya here.

How do I establish a company in Uganda?
The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is a one stop center for businesses looking at stepping in Uganda.  You will find all information regarding investing in Uganda at

How do I find Ugandan buyers/distributors/representatives?
The U.S. Commercial Service in Kenya and the U.S. Embassy in Uganda provide various services to help U.S. companies identify potential Ugandan partners. Our business matchmaking services are designed to help you locate, screen, and meet with potential buyers, representatives, distributors, and joint venture partners.

What is the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and where can I find information about AGOA?
AGOA passed as part of The Trade and Development Act of 2000 and provides beneficiary countries in Sub-Saharan Africa with the most liberal access to the U.S. market available to any country or region with which we do not have a Free Trade Agreement. It reinforces African reform efforts, provides improved access to U.S. credit and technical expertise, and establishes a high-level dialogue on trade and investment in the form of a U.S.-Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Forum.   For more information about AGOA please visit the AGOA website.