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Uganda: 2023 Investment Climate Statements:  Uganda’s investment climate presents both important opportunities and major challenges for U.S. investors. With a market economy, ideal climate, ample arable land, a young and English-speaking population, and ongoing development of fields containing at least 1.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil, Uganda offers numerous opportunities for investors.

Uganda: 2018 Country Commercial Guide: A Country Commercial Guide for U.S. Companies: Provides a comprehensive overview of doing business in Uganda, and includes a wide range of information on the Ugandan investment climate, sectors of opportunity, regulatory developments, and statistics on the Ugandan economy.
2018 Investment Climate Statements for Uganda: Helps guide investors looking at opportunities in Uganda. Invest in America

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Fiscal Transparency Report

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World Bank Doing Business Report: Uganda
World Bank Doing Business in the East African Community
World Bank Economic Data: Uganda
African Development Bank Uganda Economic Outlook
United Nations Development Program Human Development Report

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Uganda Bureau of Statistics: Uganda Statistical Abstract
Millennium Development Goals Report (Uganda)

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