Calling all UPE schools! We’re inviting YOU to participate in the first “Pinewood Derby!”

What’s a Pinewood Derby? It’s a racing event where students are challenged to build their own cars using a block of pine, plastic wheels, and metal axles. Any U.P.E school in Uganda may register to participate in the competition. The first 20 schools that register will receive 10 Derby Starter Kits. Five of these kits MUST be allocated to female students. A science teacher must also be designated as the main point of contact for the school.

Participating in the Derby is FREE. Schools will be responsible for collecting the kits and transporting participating students to the Race Day on Wednesday, June 21.

The first step is for your school to nominate a Science teacher to attend the Open House at the Embassy on Wednesday, March 29, where teachers will receive more information about the race and will be able to pick up a Starter Kit for their school.

To attend the Open House or get more information about this event, please contact the Embassy’s Information Resource Center at

Calling all UPE schools! We're inviting YOU to participate in the U.S. Embassy's first "Pinewood Derby!"What's a…

Posted by U.S. Embassy Kampala on Monday, March 20, 2017