Cleaning Services | Peace Corps (RFQ) | Closing: September 24, 2021


Overseas Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Supplies/Services/Equipment

RFQ Number: 02

Date: 09/10/2021

Peace Corps/Uganda has a need for cleaning services from a company. Peace Corps is soliciting fixed-price quotations from the vendor community for the supplies and/or services detailed below.

If you are interested in submitting a quotation, please do so by sending your completed and signed Attachment 1—Vendor Quotation Form by email to:

Name: The Procurement Department

Address: Plot 48, Malcom X Avenue, Kololo


Quotations are due no later than 4:00pm on September 24, 2021. Late quotations will not be accepted.

Written questions about this Request for Quotation (RFQ) may be sent in the same fashion to the individual noted above in advance of the RFQ due date. No phone calls please.

Peace Corps will evaluate all quotations received by the deadline based on the minimum requirements and/or evaluation factor(s) shown below. Contingent on the availability of funds and continued need for the supplies and/or services, at the end of the evaluation process, Peace Corps intends to award a firm-fixed-price contract for the purchase of the required supplies and/or services to the selected vendor.

  1. Statement of Work/Description of Requirements

The purpose of this procurement action is to obtain cleaning services from a company for the Medical Unit at the Peace Corps head office. The contractor shall perform according to the cleaning protocols put in place by the Peace Corps Medical Team.

General Requirements

The contracted company shall include planning, administration and management necessary to ensure that all services comply with the contract, schedules, instructions from Peace Corps and all applicable laws and regulations. The contracted company shall insure that its staff shall comply with all the specifications and requirements in the contract.

Management and Supervision

Team Lead

The contracted company shall designate a lead to supervise the day-to-day operation, management and overall supervision of the entire cleaning team selected to work with Post. The lead should have at least two years’ experience in a cleaning service provider company.


The lead will have briefings with the General Services Manager and someone from the medical team as often as necessary. Feedback on quality control results and any required corrective measures should be discussed during these meetings as well as any challenges affecting the correct rendering of services.


The contractor shall designate specialized cleaning personnel to work. They shall be responsible for all the work being performed at the work site under the contract. The personnel must have a minimum of a year’s proven experience in the trade of office/residential cleaning and usable knowledge of the English language.


The Contractor shall be responsible for coordinating all work to be performed under this project with the Contracting Officer at Peace Corps. The Contractor shall maintain work schedules based on up to 40 hour work week.

The Contractor will perform all the duties specified in the contract according to the cleaning protocols that will be specified. The duties will include but not limited to; office cleaning (including office furniture and office equipment), windows, bathrooms, stairs, and walls. Service is required Monday through Friday. If a Contractor employee is absent, the Contractor is responsible for providing a replacement for that duration.

Quality Control

The Contractor shall be responsible for quality control. The Contractor shall perform inspection visits to the work site on a regular basis. The Contractor shall coordinate these visits with the Peace Corps General Services Manager (GSM).

Hazardous and Toxic Substances

It is the Contractor’s responsibility to ensure the safe handling, application, removal and environmentally sound disposal of all hazardous or potentially hazardous chemicals used under this contract.

The Contractor shall notify the General Services Manager and Medical Team prior to applications and advise of any danger associated with the use of certain products. The Contractor shall obtain approval for all chemicals used under the contract.

Peace Corps will be responsible for disposing off of expired medication as well as medical waste such as sharps.

Personnel Requirements

The Contractor shall maintain discipline at the site and shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent any unlawful or disorderly conduct by employees. The Contractor must adhere to all United States (US) federal requirements including those that pertain to COVID.

Peace Corps reserves the right to direct the Contractor to remove an employee from the worksite for failure to comply with the standards of conduct. The Contractor shall immediately replace such an employee to maintain continuity of services at no additional cost to Peace Corps.

Peace Corps is a United States government facility and access is limited to the Medical wing. In addition, some areas within the medical wing have limited access and therefore will require Peace Corps personnel to be present when the contractor is in the room.

Materials and Equipment

The Contractor shall be provided with all necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to perform the work identified in this contract. The list of the minimum materials, equipment and supplies to be provided include: Latex glove, brushes (for floor, walls, toilet), buckets, ladder, broom, sweeper, dustpan, sweeper, dustpan, mop, squeezer, alcohol, chlorine, disinfectant, glass cleaner, detergent, sponges, cloths, garbage bags.


The Contractor is required to provide all insurance that is legally necessary for their staff during the entire performance of the contract.

Laws and Regulations

Without additional expense to Peace Corps, the Contractor shall comply with all laws, codes, ordinances, and regulations required to perform this work. If there is a conflict between the contract and the requirements of local law, the Contractor shall promptly advise the Peace Corps Contracting Officer of the conflict and of the Contractor’s proposed course of action for resolution by the Peace Corps Contracting Officer.

When known, include a chart such as the following in additional to your narrative, or for complicated requirements, refer to an attached Excel sheet with item numbers, descriptions, quantities, and formulas pre-populated here:


Item Description Qty
001 Cleaning Staff 2

The services will be contracted for one year with an additional four option years.


B. Place of Performance [and Required Work or Delivery Schedule]

The services are needed in the Medical Unit of the Peace Corps Uganda Head Offices located in Kololo.

The contractor shall maintain a work schedule of up to 40 hours a week.

C. Contract Terms and Conditions

As an Agency of the United States Government, Peace Corps has an approved contract template that it intends to use for the award. Peace Corps reserves the right to deny making a contract award to a vendor should they refuse to sign the Peace Corps approved contract template.

D. Minimum Criteria:

A quotation will not be considered further if it does not meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Does not meet the deadline
  • Not filled out entirely

E. Evaluation Factors:

Quotations that meet the minimum criteria listed above may be further evaluated based on the following factors:

  • Not Applicable

Award may be made with or without negotiations between the Peace Corps and the selected vendor. Award may be made to a vendor that provided the lowest priced technically acceptable quotation, or to a vendor other than the one that provided the lowest priced quotation, should that vendor be determined to have provided the best value quotation to the Peace Corps taking technical and cost factors into account.

All vendors that submit quotations in response to this RFQ will be notified of the results.

[End of RFQ]


RFQ Number: 02


Authorized Representative:



Phone Number:

E-mail Address:

Quoted Prices (Inclusive of Administrative and/or Overhead Costs): Base Year

Item Description Qty Unit Price Monthly Price Total/Year
001 Cleaning Staff 2
18% VAT
Grand Total

Option 1

Item Description Qty Unit Price Monthly Price Total/Year
001 Cleaning Staff 2
18% VAT
Grand Total

Option 2

Item Description Qty Unit Price Monthly Price Total/Year
001 Cleaning Staff 2
18% VAT
Grand Total

Option 3

Item Description Qty Unit Price Monthly Price Total/Year
001 Cleaning Staff 2
18% VAT
Grand Total

Option 4

Item Description Qty Unit Price Monthly Price Total/Year
001 Cleaning Staff 2
18% VAT
Grand Total

Items/Services Included in Total Quoted Price Above but Not Indicated in Chart:

Quoted Work or Delivery Schedule (If Any):

Quoted Payment Terms:

Quoted Warranty Terms (If Any):

Quoted Additional Terms and/or Conditions:

Describe your company’s current staffing structure and describe in detail your company’s plan for providing qualified individuals to fulfill this requirement and providing supervision of your staff members assigned to work at the Peace Corps.


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