Contracts Management Specialist (CMS) | VA – No. 2023 – 004 | Closing: Monday November 06, 2023, 4:45pm


Peace Corps is an international autonomous agency of the US Government with operations in over 60 countries. It operates in Uganda by the invitation of the Government of Uganda. Peace Corps Uganda has memorandum of understanding with government ministries that outline broad areas of agreement of cooperation regarding the work of Peace Corps Volunteers in Uganda. Volunteers are assigned to government and non-government agencies and organizations, community-based organizations, universities, colleges and schools who partner to enable Volunteers to provide capacity building in Education, Health and Community Agribusiness. Peace Corps also aims to build cultural understanding between Americans and Ugandans.

Position Title:                           Contracts Management Specialist (CMS)
Announcement date:                 Monday October 23, 2023
Closing date:                            Monday November 06, 2023, 4:45pm
Position type:                           Personal Services Contract
Supervised by:                         Deputy Director of Management & Operations
Location:                                  Peace Corps Uganda, Kampala


  1. Minimum Requirements:

At a minimum, the successful candidate’s CV must demonstrate the following:

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Procurement, Management or related field
  • Experience: The candidate must have at least three (3) years of practical experience in acquisition/ procurement.
  • Languages: Excellent written and verbal communication skills in Level 4 Proficiency.
  • Skills and abilities: Excellent computer Knowledge of Microsoft Office, financial software and internet is a must. Previous experience in a fast-paced work environment. Excellent interpersonal, organizational and time management skills. The person must feel comfortable working collaboratively with colleagues from multicultural backgrounds.
  • ​   Must be legally able to work in Uganda.
  1. Preferred Qualifications:
    • Five (5) or more years of practical experience in acquisition/procurement is preferred.
    • Experience in a multinational NGO or similar organization is preferred.
    • Experience working with minimum supervision, using policies and regulations for guidance.
    • Familiarity with US Government contract regulations and policies.

Download: Detailed Position Description | 2023_10_VA04_ContractsMgtSpecialist

  1. Background

The U.S. Peace Corps is an agency of the United States Government, which sends American volunteer development workers to assist in capacity building and technical assistance activities in over 70 countries worldwide. It operates in Uganda by the invitation of the Government of Uganda and has a memorandum of understanding with government ministries that outline broad areas of agreement of cooperation regarding the work of Peace Corps Volunteers in Uganda. Volunteers are assigned to government and non-governmental agencies and organizations, community based organizations, colleges and schools who in partnership enable Volunteers to provide capacity building in Education, Health; Agribusiness and Community Economic Development. Peace Corps also aims to build cultural understanding between Americans and Ugandans.  Peace Corps Uganda is located at 48 Malcolm X Avenue, Kololo, and Kampala.  Our Post office box number is 7007 Kampala, Uganda. Please see for more details about Peace Corps Uganda.

The work of a Peace Corps Personal Services Contractor (PSC) is not limited to the Statement of Work: active support of the Peace Corps mission is paramount to the job because contractors are representatives of Peace Corps in the country.

  1. Objective of the Position

This position is located in the Peace Corps Office in the administration unit. Working under the Deputy Director of Management and Operations (DDMO), the incumbent serves as a Contracts Management Specialist dealing with a variety of requirements and acquisitions (including contracts and Interagency Agreements) for Peace Corps Uganda’s programs.  The CMS has responsibility for all contract actions pertaining to initial planning, the solicitation process, d r a f t i n g awarding documentation and executing it. This work includes the full spectrum of contract administration activities, including drafting and executing modifications, through closeout. In addition, the Specialist is responsible for providing technical acquisition assistance.

Practical knowledge and application of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) is a requirement for this position. The position requires knowledge of contracting principles, laws, regulations and procedures applicable to pre-award and/or post-award actions sufficient to procure and/or administer contracts for fixed price services and supplies at Post Familiarity with business strategy and program or technical requirements is required sufficient to perform in-depth evaluations of the financial and technical capabilities, or the performance of the contractor. Contractor must possess excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

This position requires strict adherence to ethical standards of confidentiality and professional conduct. In addition, the candidate should be flexible, highly organized, creative, and able to multi-task and work independently.

The work is characterized by breadth of planning, review, and coordination or depth of problem identification and analysis, stemming from the variety of the procurement functions or from the unknowns, changes, or conflicts inherent in the issues. Recommendations involve responsiveness to continuing changes in programs or technological developments. Procurements typically require drafting of new or modified contract terms and conditions, funding arrangements, or policy interpretation throughout the pre-award or post-award phases.

The position also acts as a backup to the HR position and assists with drafting Personal Services Contracts.

  1. Tasks & Deliverables

Carries out all duties according to the guidance and regulations found in the Overseas Financial Management Handbook (OFMH), the Peace Corps (PC) Manual, the PC Overseas Contracting Handbook and the PC fiscal coding handbooks.

Financial / Procurement:

May be designated as a Contracting Officer – (Assigned by the Chief Acquisition Officer) Only as specified with an individual warrant from the Chief Acquisition Officer after successful completion of the requisite Overseas Contract Officer Training. (See the Overseas Contracting Handbook) Serves as Contracting Officer in accordance with Peace Corps Acquisition Policies and Procedures. Not to exceed 250,000 USDE for new leases and new personal services contracts (PSCs) entered into outside of the United States, with the exception of new leases requiring a Secure Embassy Construction and Counter terrorism Act of 1999 (SECCA) waiver, which will be limited to a threshold not to exceed 50,000 USDE; Not to exceed 150,000 USDE for procurements of supplies and/or services, entered into outside of the United States, except for construction contracts which will be limited to a threshold not to exceed 25,000 USDE; Not to exceed 10,000 USDE for all procurements entered into in the United States, but delivered or performed outside the United States.

  • Oversee the maintenance of contractor records and files, contract procurement
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with local Directs the preparation and timely receipt of vendor payments ensuring that all financial matters are handled in accordance with established regulations and policies.
  • Ensure that contractual payments are made to external vendors in a timely manner and are compliant with agency policy, including proper documentation of, but not limited to agenda, participant list, fiscal coding, bona fide need and Maintain complete financial files and historical payments records in a manner that is compliant with agency regulation and USG regulations on record retention and destruction. Act as the primary person of contact for records related to this.
  • Draft and execute service contracts for vendors, Leases, Micro Purchase Forms (MPFs) and Purchase Orders ensuring that these contracts are properly documented and compliant with USG government, and agency policy.
  • Assists the HR Specialist in preparing PSC contracts and procedural memos and documentation of decisions taken ahead of contracting; in compliance with US Government and agency
  • Draft obligations for service contracts and completes fiscal documentation of service
  • Maintain and close-out of all external vendors and contract file
  • Maintain updated official logs for contracts and leases including those for offices and residences (including those for option year renewal notices).
  • Draft and execute purchase orders, MPFs and obligation documentation for contract procurements and other categories as needed.
  • Advertisement for contractor bids and application submission for PSC and
  • Drafts pre-contract actions for approval for some personal service contracts, especially short-term
  • Review draft Requests for Quotations (RFQs) prepared by other staff. Provide guidance to authors to ensure specific and complete description of Peace Corps needs. Provide guidance to authors to ensure compliance with procurement regulations. Obtain quotations in compliance with procurement regulations.
  • Draft and execute non-personal service contracts and leases (including office, training facilities and staff residences).
  • Drafts and executes contract amendments and option
  • Draft and execute lease agreements and maintain lease files for offices and
  • Prepare and send out requests for quotes, analyze bids/quotes.
  • Serve as a point of contact with Peace Corps Uganda vendors for venues and
  • Request and process vendor identifications for new vendors by submitting to PC/Washington
  • Conduct regular check-ins with contractors and staff in the beginning, during and at the end of contract execution (contract management)

Administrative and Volunteer Support:

  • Assist with UG-Admin
  • In coordination with post’s programming and training staff, provides effective administrative support on post’s programming and training activities.
  • Assists the DDMO in developing administrative manuals, handbooks, presentations, and procedural memos to document internal policies and procedures; and provides technical assistance and guidance to the staff on administrative policies, operations, and issues.
  • Responsible for the maintenance, organization and update of all administrative hardcopy & e-files including vendor records, contracts, leases, financial documentation and personnel files.

Other Duties:

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the DMO/DDMO or
  1. Standard Roles and Responsibilities 
  1. S&S: Safety and Security of our volunteers is Peace Corps’ number one priority. All staff, including this position, has a role in the Volunteer and Trainee (V/T) safety support system. The contractor shall become familiar with Peace Corps Manual Section 270 (Volunteer/ Trainee Safety and Security) and the Emergency Action Plan at Peace Corps Uganda, including the role of this position in an emergency situation. Contractor shall become familiar with protocols for reporting and responding to safety and security incidents and report all safety and security concerns expressed by V/Ts to the Safety and Security Officer, and CD as soon as possible. When appropriate, the contractor shall support Safety and Security for V/Ts by assisting them to adopt culturally appropriate lifestyles and exercise judgment that promotes safety and reduces risk in their home, at work, and while traveling in Uganda.

Immediately communicates Volunteer safety and security concerns and issues to the Safety and Security Manager (SSM) and CD. Knowledgeable and supportive of Peace Corps safety and security policies and procedures, including the timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons or articles.

  1. If there is a time at post, due to the COVID-19 pandemic or for any other reason, when there are limited or no Peace Corps Trainees and/or Volunteers (jointly referred to as “Volunteers”) at Peace Corps Uganda, the PSC may be temporarily assigned during that period, as determined by the Peace Corps Country Director (CD), to carry out additional duties and responsibilities in furtherance of the goals of the Peace Corps in order to enhance the ability of Peace Corps Volunteers to perform functions under the Peace Corps Act, including facilitating a safe environment in order for the successful return or increase of Volunteers.
  2. This temporary assignment may require the PSC to provide services and/or support beyond what is listed in their current Statement of Work (SOW). The services and/or support may take many forms, examples of which may include but are not limited to, training, providing administrative, technical, medical, and/or operational assistance, building on host country programs, etc. This temporary assignment also may require the PSC to provide these services and/or support to individuals/organizations other than those listed in their current SOW such as host country government, partner organization(s), community member(s), staff, and/or contractors.
  1. Logistics, Level of Effort & Duty Station
    1. The Duty station is the main office that is located in Kololo, This position is full time and the candidate will be expected to carry out their duties during a 40 hour work week. Events may require occasional work in the evenings and on weekends and holidays. May carry a duty phone. Available guidelines include 1) Peace Corps Manual, 2) Foreign Affairs Manual, 3) instructions provided by the Programming and Training Officer and the Country Director.
  1. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts:

PC/W and the regional staff provide guidance and assistance to accomplish the objectives of this contract. PC/W is also the source of a great deal of informational resources to support the activities of Peace Corps volunteers.

Country staff and CMS work collaboratively with all other Peace Corps Uganda staff to design and support Peace Corps activities in Uganda.

The CMS will work collaboratively with the Director of Management and Operations, Deputy Director of Management and Operations, General Services Manager, training staff, sector Program Managers, Peace Corps Medical Contractors, the Safety and Security Coordinator, and other Administrative staff on reimbursements requests by PCVs, staff and vendors.

The CMS will work collaboratively with local, regional and headquarters Peace Corps staff to effectively meet the Peace Corps’ world-wide strategic goals.

The CMS is in contact with most Peace Corps staff, Volunteers and Trainees in order to assist with financial transactions.

The CMS is in contact with many vendors doing business with the Peace Corps in order to make payments, reservations, and collections as needed.

  1. Logistics – Work will primarily be performed in an office setting at the Peace Corps office in Kampala, Site visits and travel outside of the office may be required. Logistical support is largely provided by the Administrative Section at post, other posts in the region and by PC/W.
  2. Authority to Make Commitments:

The CMS has authority to make commitments of USG funds in accordance with the Overseas Contracting Handbook.

Time Required to Perform Full Range of Duties:

The time required for a qualified individual to perform fully and adequately duties of this position is 52 weeks.

How to apply

Only Electronic Submissions will be accepted.

Please submit only Microsoft Word formatted documents to include: a letter of interest (one page maximum), resume (three pages maximum), names and contact information for three references to

Clearly indicate your name and the position applied for on the subject line of the cover email as well as on all the attachments: For example “Katungu Bonita_Contracts Management Specialist”. Do not write any other words in the subject line of your mail. Submitted documents become the property of the Peace Corps and will not be returned.

Peace Corps Uganda provides equal opportunity, fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. ONLY candidates deemed to be qualified will be contacted.