COP20 Stakeholder Presentations

COP20 In Country Retreat Jan 27&28 Agenda

Ensuring 15-35 year-old Asymptomatic Clients are maintained on


CCM_GF Presentation at the PEPFAR COP20 Strategic Planning Meeting

Civil Society Organisations Presentation at the COP20 PEPFAR Meeting

Feedback from Technical Consultation for January 23 at Speke Resort Munyonyo

Group discussion on meaningful KIDS target

Group discussion_AGYW_PEPFAR stakeholders’ meeting -01_27_2020

Group discussions on Finding Men at PEPFAR 

Group generated feed_HIS Priorities and sustainability

Group generated feedback and priorities on Key Population

HIS Priorities and sustainability

MoH Presentation at the COP20 PEPFAR Strategic Retreat.

National Stigma Index COP 2O PEPFAR Strategic Ret Jan 28

PEPFAR UG APR19 and PLHIV Summary Presentation_26Jan2020_v2

PEPFAR USG Strategic strategic Overview Presentation Jan27

QPPU presentation at COP20 PEPFAR Strategic Retreat Jan 27, 2020

Supply chain – priorities_28Jan2020

Uganda AIDS Commission COP 2O PEPFAR Strategic Ret Jan 27

UNAIDS Presentation Investment Case Jan 28 COP20

USG PEPFAR Strategic Retreat SIDRM 2019 presentation