COVID-19 Information

Last Updated: [01/12/2022]   

***  Effective December 6, 2021, all airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older, regardless of vaccination status or citizenship, must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within one calendar day of travel.  Alternatively, travelers to the United States may provide documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding travel.  Check the CDC website for additional information and Frequently Asked Questions.

Country-Specific Information  

  • According to the most recent government guidance, the Government of Uganda has issued a directive that effective October 27, 2021, all arriving passengers at Entebbe International Airport will be subjected to COVID-19 testing, regardless of country of origin or vaccination status. (This requirement is in addition to the negative COVID-19 test required less than 72 hours prior to departure.) The only exemptions are for children six years old and below and airline crew with evidence of full COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • Arriving passengers will pay USD 30 or the equivalent in Uganda shillings for the COVID-19 PCR test. The payment may be done online or on arrival using Point of Sales machines, mobile money, or cash.
  • After testing upon arrival, travelers are free to proceed to their destinations to await their test results.  
  • The Ministry of Health requires that COVID-19 tests be taken at an approved facility within 72 hours of departure for both inbound and outbound travel to/from Uganda for all travelers, regardless of vaccination status. 
  • A curfew of 7:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. remains in place.  Boda bodas (motorbike taxis) must cease movement by 6:00 p.m.  Passengers traveling on flights are allowed to travel to and from the airport during curfew hours upon presentation of a valid ticket.
  • COVID restrictions relating to the operation of businesses, schools, and places of worship may change with little notice.  Consult official Ugandan government sources for the most up-to-date information.
  • The Kampala Capital City Authority has established a 24-hour Metro Emergency Medical Service Call Center: 0800-990-000; 0792-310-927. 
  • Uganda has an Emergency Operations Center at the Ministry of Health that is managing the COVID-19 response and can be reached through their hotline: (+256) 0800 203 033, 0800-100-066, or 0800-303-033. 
  • For the most recent statistics on the surge in COVID-19 cases in Uganda, please visit the Government of Uganda, Ministry of Health’s webpage. 

Travel Advisory at Level 3: Reconsider Travel  

  • The Department of State maintains a Level 3 Travel Advisory for Uganda recommending that travelers should reconsider travel to Uganda .  The number of COVID-19 cases in Uganda continues to rise.  Travelers in Uganda should exercise increased caution due to the prevalence of crime and possibility of kidnapping. 
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 3 Travel Health Notice for Uganda. If you must travel to Uganda, make sure you are fully vaccinated before travel. Because of the current situation in Uganda, even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants. Travelers at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 should consider postponing all travel, including essential travel, to Uganda.  Medical care resources in Uganda are limited. 

COVID-19 Testing  

  • Are PCR and/or antigen tests available for U.S. citizens in Uganda? Yes.

  • If so, are test results reliably available within one calendar day? Yes.

    • A number of health facilities in Kampala offer COVID-19 testing. For a full list of accredited laboratories and approved sample collection points, please visit the Ministry of Health’s website.  Travelers are expected to cover all costs associated with their COVID-19 test.  Average cost for testing is UGX 180,000 – 240,000. 

    • Delivery of test results may be via email, text message (i.e., a PDF sent via WhatsApp), or physical copy.  Make sure to confirm a delivery method that suits your needs before selecting a company/lab to conduct the test, and to take your passport with you to the testing – for results to be properly linked in the electronic system used by the airport.  It is recommended to bring a printed copy of your test results showing the name and contact information of the accredited lab used with you to the airport.

    • A COVID RDT Antigen test can be done next to the airport in Entebbe at the Kazuri Medical clinic (+256 0702 199 000 / +256 0787 199 788, Plot 168 Kampala Road, Katabi, Entebbe). The antigen test takes 15 minutes and costs 50 USD, and certified results are provided onsite. 

    • For information on limited humanitarian exemptions to the COVID test requirement upon entry to the United States, please review the following page: Humanitarian exemptions to this order will be granted on an extremely limited basis and will only be considered when the country of departure lacks adequate COVID-19 testing capacity. To submit information in support of an exemption, email 

COVID-19 Vaccine Information 

  • Has the government of Uganda approved a COVID-19 vaccine for use?  Yes.  

  • Uganda is part of the global COVAX initiative and has received several types of vaccine. Currently the country has AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, and Sinovac available for free to anyone over 18 years of age, although recipients are not able to choose which vaccine they receive. Those over 50 years of age, healthcare workers, teachers, and those with underlying conditions are being prioritized.

  • Are vaccines available in Uganda for U.S. citizens to receive?  Yes. 

    • U.S. citizen residents of Uganda who have a valid Uganda visa are eligible to receive free vaccine at any posted vaccination center. Interested residents should refer to the MOH website to find locations and check any restrictions that may be in place at the time.  

    • Which vaccines are available in Uganda?  AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, and Sinovac are currently available in Uganda. 

    • Visit the FDA’s website to learn more about FDA-approved vaccines in the United States. 

    • The United States Government does not plan to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to private U.S. citizens overseas.  Please follow host country developments and guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination. 

Entry and Exit Requirements  

  • Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? Yes. 

    • Per the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, only travelers with approved visas having applied online will be granted entry. Applications can be made at 

    • All arriving passengers at Entebbe International Airport will be subjected to a COVID-19 test, regardless of country of origin or vaccination status. The only exemptions are for children six years old and below and airline crew with evidence of full COVID-19 vaccinations.

    • Travelers from any country trying to enter Uganda must also have a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours before boarding the aircraft on in-bound travel to Uganda, regardless of vaccination status.

  • Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required for entry? Yes.

    • All travelers, regardless of vaccination status, must take a certified PCR COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours before departure for Uganda and obtain a negative result. Tests must have been done by a health facility that is accredited by the government of the country in which the test is conducted. Travelers will be required to present their test results to the airline to receive confirmation of their flight booking. 

    • All arriving passengers at Entebbe International Airport are subjected to COVID-19 testing, regardless of country of origin or vaccination status. The only exemptions are for children six years old and below and airline crew with evidence of full COVID-19 vaccinations.

  • Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required for exit? Yes. 

    • The Government of Uganda requires that all departing passengers present a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken not more than 72 hours before departure. This requirement is mandatory for all departing passengers out of Uganda even if the destination country does not require it.  COVID-19 tests for departing passengers must be taken at an accredited laboratory or a COVID-19 sample collection point approved by the Ministry of Health.  A full list of approved testing facilities can be found on the Ministry of Health’s website.  Travelers are expected to cover all costs associated with their COVID-19 test and test results must indicate that they are for the express purpose of travel with the annotation “TRAVEL” clearly marked.

    • Note that if a traveler tests positive for COVID-19, he/she must then wait seven days before a negative test will permit him/her to depart Uganda.  A negative result fewer than seven days after a positive result will not be accepted by the Ministry of Health for departure. 

    • Out-bound travelers should review and comply with the testing requirements for transit and destination countries. For example, certain international passengers traveling to, or transiting through, the Netherlands must provide a negative PCR test certificate no older than 72 hours and a negative rapid antigen test within 4 hours prior to boarding, and passengers traveling to UAE must have a negative PCR test within 48 hours of departure.

Information regarding visa extensions for residents and/or tourists: 

The Ministry of Internal Affairs under the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration is the issuing authority for Uganda. Foreign residents and visitors with visa issues or questions can visit the Ministry of Internal Affairs office Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Movement Restrictions  

  • Is a curfew in place? Yes.

  • A nationwide curfew is enforced from 7:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Note that arriving and departing airline passengers will be exempt from curfew restrictions when their flights take place during curfew hours.  However, drivers should have with them documentary evidence of their connection to passengers arriving at or departing from the airport in order to facilitate passage through police checkpoints enforcing the nationwide curfew.

  • Are there restrictions on intercity or interstate travel? No. 

    • Public transportation may operate at 50% capacity observing SOPs. 

  • When in public, wearing of masks is required and individuals are expected to maintain social distancing at all times. 

Quarantine Information  

  • Are U.S. citizens required to quarantine? No. 

    • Quarantine is not required for arriving foreign nationals who have a negative PCR COVID-19 test result done by an accredited laboratory in the country of origin unless the person exhibits signs or symptoms of an infectious disease, or if the individual receives positive test results when he/she is tested upon arrival. 

Transportation Options  

    • Are commercial flights operating? Yes. 
    • Entebbe International Airport is open for regular commercial traffic. 
    • Is public transportation operating? Yes.  
    • Public transportation may operate at 50% capacity observing SOPs. 

Fines for Non-Compliance