General Services Assistant | VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT No. 2021 – 003 | Closing: Monday May 31, 2021, 4:45pm


Open to US Mission Employees / All Agencies

General Services Assistant

Announcement date: Monday May 17, 2021

Closing date: Monday May 31, 2021, 4:45pm

PSC Position Title

General Services Assistant

Reports To

General Services Manager (GSM)



SOW Review date

May 10, 2021

  1. Minimum Requirements:

  • Education: A Uganda Certificate of Education.
  • Experience: Minimum of 2 years of progressively responsible and successful work in providing administrative support and IT systems usage support; and experience in administrative, inventory and customer management and support. Demonstrated experience of cross cultural communication skills is highly desired.
  • Language Proficiency: Good spoken and written English is required, with knowledge of at least 2 native language.
  • Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: Good working knowledge of U.S. Government regulations, or similar systems, for property management, fleet management, security and IT management. A good working knowledge of computers and computer software usage and application. Ability to conduct a wide range of general / administrative services support; and to use computer applications to maintain property records and generate periodic reports. Ability to work effectively with a diverse group of staff, businesspeople and PC Volunteers.

Ability to work a regular Monday through Friday schedule with evening and weekend hours and travel to countryside when necessary.

  • Possession of a valid local driver’s license classes B & C
  • Legally able to work in Uganda
  1. Preferred Qualifications:

  • Education: A post-secondary school qualification in a relevant field such as business administration, social sciences, procurement, mechanics, maintenance, IT or fleet management.
  • Experience: 3 or more years of progressively responsible and successful work in providing administrative support and IT systems usage support; and experience in administrative, inventory and customer management and support. Demonstrated experience of cross cultural communication skills is highly desired.
  • Possession of a valid local driver’s license classes DL & DM
  1. Background

The U.S. Peace Corps is an agency of the United States Government, which sends American volunteer development workers to assist in capacity building and technical assistance activities in over 70 countries worldwide. It operates in Uganda by the invitation of the Government of Uganda and has a memorandum of understanding with government ministries that outline broad areas of agreement of cooperation regarding the work of Peace Corps Volunteers in Uganda. Volunteers are assigned to government and non-governmental agencies and organizations, community based organizations, colleges and schools who in partnership enable Volunteers to provide capacity building in Education, Health; Agribusiness and Community Economic Development. Peace Corps also aims to build cultural understanding between Americans and Ugandans. Peace Corps Uganda is located at 48 Malcolm X Avenue, Kololo, and Kampala. Our Post office box numbers are 29348 or 7007 Kampala, Uganda. Please see for more details about Peace Corps Uganda.

The work of a Peace Corps Personal Services Contractor (PSC) does not limit itself to the role: active support of the Peace Corps mission is paramount to the job because contractors are representatives of Peace Corps in the country.

  1. Objective of the Position

This broad scoped position provides support to Peace Corps Uganda’s administrative unit activities as well as to its safety and support activities. The GSA works as a GSO team member providing administrative support to Peace Corps Uganda operations in its support to over 150 Peace Corps Volunteers located throughout Uganda. He/She deputizes the General Services Manager in property as well as facilities management.

  1. Tasks & Deliverables

General Services Records Keeping and Processing (35%)

  • Assist the GSM and financial management staff members in the maintenance of up-to-date utility (such as water, electricity) usage and records.

  • Maintain records of approved staff travel requests via the Quarterly Vehicle Planning meeting. Resolve conflicts and help direct the dispatcher to cover all office vehicle needs.

  • Update weekly and maintain electronic vehicle management reports for required submissions to DMO and PC HQ.

  • Track vehicle movement and fuel consumption.

  • Obtain price quotes from vendors prior to making PC authorized purchases.

Facilities & Property Maintenance & Inventory (35%)

  • As coordinated by the GSM, maintain up-to-date electronic records of PC expendable and non-expendable property to include office and medical supplies and all office and residential furnishings and equipment as well as PC Uganda’s vehicle fleet.

  • Track and record the movement of property amongst facilities and storage units and add and dispose of new or old property as necessary.

  • Assist the GSM in identifying (via PC/USG regulations and property condition) any PC property due for disposal and placement in Embassy GSO auction.

  • Assist the GSM in maintaining effective working relationships with landlords of PC facilities.

  • Receive and inventory medical supplies received by the Medical Unit.

  • Inventory PC properties, as required, using the Peace Corps approved inventory system.

  • Maintain the PC storage facilities and furnish PC offices and residences as required, issue office supplies to staff and track and order new supplies as necessary.

Training Site Assistance (15%)

  • Participate and at times directly oversee the preparation of equipment, supplies and other logistical concerns for the make-ready of PC Uganda pre-service training events.

Other Duties and Activities (10%)

  • Act as back up to the GSM in their absence.

  • Coordinate training activities for Peace Corps Drivers.

  1. Standard Roles and Responsibilities (5%)

  1. OMH: Occasional Money Handler may be requested to courier cash and /or purchase orders to various vendors who furnish supplies and/or services to PST/IST training site, or other locations as directed by the Contracting Officer. The PSC may also be requested to courier cash to PC trainees or volunteers. The PSC will not be functioning as a procurement or disbursing official but will only be acting as an intermediary between the Contracting or Disbursing Officer and the recipient. In the case of dealing with vendors, the PSC will not exercise any procurement discretion concerning the supplies or services to be purchased or the cost limits of these purchases; these will be determined by the Contracting Officer.

  2. S&S: Immediately communicates Volunteer safety and security concerns and issues to the Safety and Security Manager (SSM) and CD. Knowledgeable and supportive of Peace Corps safety and security policies and procedures, including the timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons or articles.

  1. Logistics, Level of Effort & Duty Station

The Duty station is the main office that is located in Kololo, Kampala. This position is full time and the candidate will be expected to carry out their duties during a 40 hour work week. Events may require occasional work in the evenings and on weekends and holidays. May carry a duty phone.

For new, difficult or unusual tasks, supervisors give directions on objectives and suggested procedures. Available guidelines include Peace Corps Manuals and established practices. Considerable independence and exercise of judgement required in the execution of day to day tasks. Has no authority to make commitments.

Communicates at all levels as required by the job responsibilities. Works closely with Peace Corps Volunteers, American and Ugandan staff, vendors and contractors.

How to apply

Only Electronic Submissions will be accepted.

Please submit 3 Word formatted documents to

  • A letter of interest (maximum 1 page),
  • A resume (maximum 3 pages)
  • Names and contact information for three references.

Clearly indicate your name and the position applied for on the subject line of the cover email as well as on all the attachments: For example “APIO Michael_GSA” for the General Services Assistant position. Do not write any other words in the subject line of your mail. Submitted documents become the property of the Peace Corps.

Peace Corps Uganda provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation.

You will be contacted ONLY if you are deemed qualified.