Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Kampala (April 13, 2020)  

Location:  Uganda  
Event:  There are 54 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in Uganda according to the Ministry of Health.  Of those, the ministry reports seven have fully recovered.  There are still no deaths reported in Uganda attributed to COVID-19.  Today, President Museveni confirmed that the nationwide lockdown will be extended through May 5.    
Since the closure of Entebbe International Airport on March 23, the U.S. Embassy has worked with the Government of Uganda to allow for two special commercial flights through Qatar Airways to assist U.S. citizens wanting to depart Uganda.     
The Department of State is currently not organizing another commercial flight or an evacuation of U.S. citizens from Uganda.  However, in the event that opportunity becomes available, let us know if you are interested by answering our survey Do not submit another survey response if you have already responded.       
If the U.S. Embassy arranges another repatriation flight or becomes aware of a flight organized by another embassy with available seats, we will contact you at the email address you provide in the survey to provide logistical information, including the approximate cost per seat estimate, as well as how to book the flight.    
Interested parties should verify that their passports and other documentation are current and valid for at least six months from today’s date.  For emergency American Citizen Services, including emergency passports, please visit our website 
Waiver of Illegal Stay for Foreign Residents and Visitors in Uganda:  
The Ugandan Ministry of Internal Affairs announced for all foreign residents and visitors that any fines accruing from an illegal stay in Uganda from March 18 to May 17 have been waived.  Foreign residents and visitors with expired immigration status can freely access services in the country without the threat of being arrested.   
On March 22, President Museveni announced a number of new measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, including a ban on the use of public transportation and closure of Uganda’s borders.  On March 30, he announced additional measures including a ban on the use of all personal transportation, the closing of all non-food businesses, and a national curfew from 19h00 until 06h30, among other restrictions.  These restrictions have been extended and will remain in force through May 5.     
The Department of State has issued a Global Level 4 Health Advisory for COVID-19 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 2 Global COVID-19 Outbreak Notice  
Actions to Take:   
  • Visit the Government of Uganda website