Mandela Washington Fellowship 2022 Uganda Cohort 

Mandela Washington Fellowship 2022 Uganda Cohort

Alumni Enrichment Institute (AEI)

The Alumni Enrichment Institute (AEI) is in-person programming for the 2021 Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni. Seven Ugandan Fellows who successfully completed the 2021 Virtual Fellowship will participate in the in-person Alumni Enrichment Institutes in the United States from July 2022 until August 2022.  The AEI will include participation in the Mandela Washington Fellowship Final Summit, as well as customized program activities that complement the leadership development and academic sessions from the 2021 virtual program.  The program will include opportunities to network with their peers, meet U.S. citizens from a variety of backgrounds, and to participate in cultural engagement and community service activities.  Selected Alumni will arrive in Washington, D.C. for a three-day orientation, participate in the Summit, and then travel to one of eight communities across the United States, where cohorts of 25 will be hosted by U.S. institutions of higher education. 

Angella Kyomugisha – MWF 2021 – Kisoro, Uganda. Angella Kyomugisha is a social entrepreneur who builds impact-focused businesses to help lift smallholder farmers out of poverty and to stay in good health.  With a background in economics, statistics, and project management, Angella is currently the co-founder and chief executive officer of AgNmo, developing strategy and designing the company’s flagship range of crop-monitoring devices. Angella Kyomugisha, will be attending the University of Texas at Austin for Leadership in Business.

Amos Kiyingi – MWF 2021 – Kampala, Uganda. Amos Kiyingi is the Founder and National Director at Uganda Unites, a national youth movement, focusing on connecting youth from different religious and ethnic backgrounds to equip and inspire them with peace-building and leadership skills to become agents of change and make their communities violence free. Amos Kiyingi, will be attending University of Massachusetts – Amherst for Leadership in Civic Engagement.

Peter Okware – MWF 2021 – Kampala, Uganda. Peter Okware (a.k.a. Teacher Peter) started Teachers in Need in 2017, a non-profit company that has trained over 8,000 teachers to build their competencies and has connected over 500 unemployed teachers to various schools.  He also introduced a reading training program called the Reading Implementation Compass Approach that promotes reading in all classes.  He believes in the power of education to help people make informed choices and fight poverty. Tr. Peter Okware, will be attending Georgia State University for Professional Training in the field of United States Culture.

Geoffrey Omoding – MWF 2021 – Kampala, Uganda. Geoffrey Omoding is a physicist by profession and creative facilitator, trainer and business mentor with over 10 years experience. He is a director at SINA (Social Innovation Academy) Global, an organization that sets up creation spaces that support disadvantaged youth to transform their challenging experiences into social enterprises. Geoffrey is the founder Sayans Academy, a SINA community that sets up innovation spaces in rural secondary schools that foster a creative and doer-based STEM learning. He is passionate about providing opportunities to the underprivileged. Geoffrey Omoding, YALI 2020 will be attending University of Washington, for Leadership in Business.

Hakim Owiny – MWF 2021 – Lamwo, Uganda. Owiny Hakim has more than 14 years of experience as a community civic educator working with local Ugandan leaders to advocate for inclusive communities.  He recently walked from Kampala to Nairobi to Addis Ababa to popularize the African Agenda 2063.  Throughout the journey, he had civic discussions with various community groups and leaders on how youth can participate in building desirable local communities. He currently works with the International Republican Institute to implement peaceful coexistence and sustainable use of local resources between refugees and host communities in Lamwo District. Owiny Hakim, will be attending California State University Dominguez Hills for Leadership in Public Management.

Diana Awino – MWF 2021 – Kampala, Uganda. Diana Awino is a biostatistician by profession with over 10 years’ experience in routinely providing statistics for monitoring and evaluation of health projects.  She has worked with Otuke DLG, Doctors with Africa CUAMM and Kampala Capital City Authority where she has gained vast experience in health programming in a decentralized setting for both rural and urban health.  Diana’s passion is to see statistical data transform into impactful health interventions to improve the population’s health. Diana Awino YALI 2020, will be attending Dartmouth College for  Professional Training in the field of United States Culture.

Joanna Atukunda – MWF 2022 – Kampala, Uganda. Joanna Atukunda is a social worker who is passionate about Leadership, Quality Education and Health.  Joanna is the Founder and Leader of UPLIFT SLUM-AFRIKA, a non-profit organization that is aimed at equipping youth and young adolescents in slum dwellings with comprehensive knowledge on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Quality Education.  Joanna is a proud YALI/Regional Leadership Centre Alumni and a Mandela Washington Fellow 2021.  She has also been selected in the 2022 New Vision top 20/40 young people transforming communities. Joanna Atukunda, will be attending Drexel University for Leadership in Public Management.

2022 Mandela Washington Fellows

The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders is the flagship program of the U.S. Government’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). Since 2014, nearly 5,100 young leaders from every country in Sub-Saharan Africa have participated in six-week Leadership Institutes, studying Business, Civic Engagement, or Public Management hosted by U.S. colleges or universities.  Throughout the Institutes, Fellows enrich local U.S. communities while sharing best practices.

Leadership in Public Management

Leadership in Public Management Institutes are tailored to Fellows who work, or aspire to work, in all levels of government, regional or international organizations, or other publicly-oriented groups and think tanks.  The Institutes introduce Fellows to U.S. models and best practices in public management while building technical and leadership capacity in areas such as citizen engagement, resource management, financial management systems, and the intersection of government with business and civil society. 

Emmanuel Mwesigye – MWF 2022 – Kamuli, Uganda. Emmanuel Mwesigye is an Environment and Sustainability Officer at Family Support Initiative (FASI), an NGO in Eastern Uganda, that focuses on building resilient and self-sustaining families through advocacy for respect of human rights, and promotion of effective local resource utilization. Emmanuel Mwesigye will be attending University of Colorado, Denver for Leadership in Public Management

Naggita Mayimuna – MWF 2022 – Mukono, Uganda. Naggita Mayimuna is a Women’s Councilor at the Mukono Municipal Council and founder of Women and Youth Platform for action a community based organization that fights gender based violence, carries out carrier guidance for school going boys and girls. She has used her position as a Councilor to advocate for a clean environment and better service delivery. Mayimuna Naggita, will be attending University of Minnesota – Twin Cities for Leadership in Public Management

Esther Bulya – MWF 2022 – Kampala, Uganda. Esther Bulya is an administrator with seven years of work experience currently working with Watoto Childcare Ministries.  Esther loves working with the youth and especially inspiring and empowering them. That’s why she started a youth mentorship and holiday program that helps them answer the difficult questions of life thereby realizing their full potential. Esther Bulya will be attending Texas tech University for Leadership in Public Management

Oyet Comboni – MWF 2022 – Arua, Uganda. Comboni Oyet works with the Ugandan Inspectorate of Government (IG) as the Regional Inspectorate Officer of the regional office in Arua District.  Oyet is an anti-corruption activist and a Corruption and Fraud Investigator whose actions have led to government officials being successfully investigated, prosecuted, and convicted at the Anti-Corruption Court.  He aspires to eliminate corruption in all its forms from Uganda using the platform that he has with the Inspectorate of Government.. Comboni Oyet, will be attending Bridgewater State University for Leadership in Public Management

Margaret Kiiza – 2022 – Kampala, Uganda. Margret Kizza Nakawooya is a Highway Engineer at SMEC International Pty Ltd focusing on highway geometric designs, traffic engineering, project management and road construction supervision to deliver sustainable infrastructure.  She is passionate about sustainable transport planning, urban mobility, air quality and road safety initiatives. Margret Nakawooya, will be attending University of California – Davis for Leadership in Public Management

Mirriam Owino – MWF 2022 – Lira, Uganda. Mirriam Owino is an agricultural professional and is dedicated to achieving safe food systems that are eco-friendly and gender-inclusive, especially in rural areas. She has coordinated and participated in the implementation of several agricultural and environmental projects in Alebtong and neighboring districts in northern Uganda. Mirriam Owino, will be attending University of Minnesota – Twin Cities for Leadership in Public Management.

Gloria Namanya – MWF 2022 – Kampala, Uganda. Gloria Namanya has over three years of experience as a research scientist.  Currently, she is a Software Engineer at The Makerere University AI Lab focusing on Data Science and Machine Learning for Social Good. Gloria is passionate about the effective use of computing, big data, and machine learning to develop data-driven Artificial Intelligence systems that solve real-world problems while also making bigger and more direct impacts on policy-level decisions on matters pertaining to national planning. Gloria Namanya, will be attending University of California – Davis for Leadership in Public Management.

Leadership in Civic Engagement

Leadership in Civic Engagement Institutes are tailored to Fellows who are civically engaged and serving the public through non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, or volunteerism.  The Institutes expose Fellows to civic engagement in the United States while building technical and leadership capacity in areas such as advocacy, strategic planning, organizational development, and the intersection of civil society with business and government. 

Daphine Nayebare – MWF 2022 – Jinja, Uganda. Daphine Nayebare is a maternal Health advocate with over 6 years’ experience in midwifery and over 19 years of abstinence advocacy among young people for which she was recognized and awarded the Parliamentary HIV Prevention annual award by the president of Uganda through the Ugandan Parliamentary HIV Committee in 2010.  A published author, Daphine currently teaches midwifery at the International Institute of Health Sciences Jinja focusing on training and equipping student midwives and nurses in maternal and child health, respectful maternity care and health service management. Daphine Nayebare, will be attending Appalachian State University for Leadership in Civic Engagement.

Mubalaka Idi – MWF 2022 – Buikwe, Uganda (African Union). Mubalaka Idid is a computer system engineer with over 7 years of work experience in information technology. Mubalaka is currently an IT Program Associate at the African Union Youth Commission under the African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC), a continental development program that promotes youth volunteerism in Africa.  He is deployed at the National Youth Authority in Accra, Ghana.  He is also a founder and Board Chair of Youth at Heat Africa, a non-governmental organization that provides young African youth with digital literacy skills, employment gateways and policy formulation as key tools towards sustainable empowerment and development. Mubalaka Idi will be attending Appalachian State University for Leadership in Civic Engagement.

Muhammed Kisirisa – MWF 2022 – Kampala, Uganda. Muhammed Kisirisa (a.k.a. Mo) is the Founder & CEO at Golden Boots Uganda, a nonprofit using sport as a tool to empower youth with disabilities, girls and refugees. Mo has served as Technical Advisor at Kazo Youth Footballers Association and is a former amateur soccer player. Muhammed Kisirisa, will be attending University of Georgia for Leadership in Civic Engagement.

Donna Keirungi – MWF 2022 – Kampala, Uganda. Donna Keirungi is passionate about women’s economic empowerment.  Keirungi works with Makerere University as the warden of the Mary Stuart Hall, the youngest person selected for this prestigious position leading a student residence.  Donna also manages social media and outreach at the School of Women and Gender Studies at Makerere University. Donna Keirungi, will be attending University of Delaware for Leadership in Civic Engagement.

Godfrey Nanyenya – MWF 2022 – Kampala, Uganda. Godfrey Nanyenya is Disability Inclusion Advisor at Light for the World.  His advocacy work involves providing training and mentoring private and civil society actors to create enabling environments for inclusive economic growth, and coaching persons with disabilities to fully access the job market.  Godfrey believes that negative attitudes about disability are rooted in humanity during childhood, and that to break them, we need to normalize disability and inclusion for all children. Godfrey Nanyenya, will be attending University of Georgia for Leadership in Civic Engagement

Johnbosco Mugumya – MWF 2022 –Mbarara, Uganda. John Bosco Mugumya is a public health emergency and mental health enthusiast.  He created therapeutic communication groups that promote peer-to-peer counseling, build social cohesion, improve acceptability and mental well-being of people with mental health issues associated with emergencies.  John Bosco is currently an Emergency Medical Technician for the Uganda Red Cross Society and has worked with various humanitarian organizations including Medical Teams International-Uganda and Medicine Sans Frontier (Doctors without Borders). Mugumya Johnbosco, will be attending University of Nebraska – Lincoln for Leadership in Civic Engagement

Sophie Wanyenze – MWF 2022- Mbale, Uganda. Sophie Carol Wanyenze has more than 10 years of experience in the field of human rights.  She founded an organization which focuses on helping minority and marginalized women attain leadership roles, advocating for sexual and reproductive health and rights, and influencing policy while putting holistic healing justice at the center of its work.  Sophie has worked with Uganda Prisons Service as a senior psychologist, is an expert at advocacy and programs management, and has served with the Uganda child’s helpline as a counselor.  She is committed to helping young women attain leadership roles and to building a world where every human being is treated with dignity and fairness.  After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Sophie plans to support and mentor minority and marginalized young women to run for elected office.

Tendo Namata – MWF 2022 – Kamwenge, Uganda. Tendo Namata is a feminist, gender and business development consultant. She is also the founder and team leader for Embibo Gender Initiative, a rural collective working in GBV mitigation and sexual and reproductive health access programming for women, girls and young people.  She has previously worked and consulted in the fields of access to sustainable energy for women in post conflict areas of Uganda, girl child education, and economic justice. Tendo Namata, will be attending Rutgers University for Leadership in Civic Engagement.

Wakibu Bunya – MWF 2022 – Kampala, Uganda. Wakibu Bunnya is a social entrepreneur and geomatics engineer who was awarded the Youth Action Fund Award by the Open Society Institute Youth Initiative in 2008.  In 2009, he would go on to found Open Space Centre, a youth focused nonprofit organization that creates dynamic spaces and opportunities for young people to fulfill their potential.  In 2021, Wakibu spear headed the launch of the Nile Explorer Bus, a mobile American Space that delivers STEM and health programing in underserved schools in Uganda.  In line with his vision for a society where young people have limitless opportunities, Wakibu aspires to kick start on an ambitious life project to build a new city from scratch that will increase access to jobs for young people in Uganda. Wakibu Bunnya will be attending The Presidential Precinct for Leadership in Civic Engagement.

Vincent Ocen – MWF 2022 – Amuria, Uganda. Vincent Ocen is the Executive Director for Access to Justice and Equity Foundation (AJEF) in Amuria District, Eastern Uganda.  His work at AJEF revolves around research, legal advocacy, and project management focused on development, good governance and human rights policies. Vincent Ocen, will be attending University of Nebraska – Lincoln for Leadership in Civic Engagement.

Leadership in Business

Leadership in Business Institutes are tailored to Fellows aspiring to become leaders in the private sector or to start their own business ventures in Africa.  The Institutes introduce participants to business and entrepreneurial approaches in the United States, including those that address social issues.  Institutes also help Fellows build technical and leadership capacity in areas such as innovation and technology, business plan development, financial management, business ethics, the intersection of business with civil society and government, and the role of public-private partnerships. 

Gillian Nabbowa – MWF 2022 – Kampala, Uganda. Gillian Nabbowa is team leader, learning quality assurance, and product developer at PENDOCARE, an organization that has increased access to affordable quality education to over 1000 families since 2014.  She has contributed to the drafting and re-adjustments of the country’s education quality standards as an active quality assurance technical board member at the Ugandan National Bureau of Standards. Besides directing a number of the mirco preschool explorative learning and tutoring centers in Kampala, Gillian has also developed learning aids like the self-guided interactive preschool curriculum called “The Pendo Learning Box” and kids audio African stories. Gillian Nabbowa, will be attending University of Texas at Austin for Leadership in Business.

Grace Nalugwa– MWF 2022 – Entebbe, Uganda. Grace Nalugwa is the founder and CEO of Gracela Ventures SMC Limited, a renewable energy business providing carbonized briquettes made from organic waste to households, schools and hotels in Wakiso and Kampala districts as an alternative cooking fuel for charcoal and firewood. She is Founder of New Era Women Entrepreneurs Organization, a community-based organization promoting entrepreneurship development amongst women and girls, and also serves as General Secretary of KOICA Club of Uganda, an alumni association of Ugandans who have studied in South Korea. Grace Nalugwa, will be attending University of Nevada-Reno for Leadership in Business.

Grace Nakibaala – MWF 2022 – Kampala, Uganda. Grace Nakibaala is the founder of PedalTap, a retrofittable affordable hands-free foot-operated water dispensing system and the product developer for “EpiTent” an innovation which is funded and part of the Ebola Grand Challenge under the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact.  Grace is also the global innovations manager for LivingGoods, an NGO that empowers and compensates Community Health Workers to ensure that they provide adequate care to children under five and pregnant women to reduce mortality. Grace Nakibaala, will be attending Northwestern University for Leadership in Business.

Christine Adero – MWF 2022 – Kampala, Uganda. Christine Adero is the Founder of PASSAGE, a low tech solution that focuses on safe mobility for school going children in Uganda. Christine has 8 years experience of developing, leading and implementing innovative projects and programs that advance the rights of children, women and  girls. Christine Adero, will be attending Clark Atlanta University for Leadership in Business.

Hamidu Ssonko – MWF 2022 – Mayuge, Uganda. Hamidu Ssonko is an enthusiastic environmental entrepreneur with a strong passion for innovation in green building, solid waste recycling and strong interest in solar energy. He has a background in business design and championing investable solutions. He founded Biha Eco Venture Ltd which seeks to revolutionize the housing sector in Africa through access to affordable energy and sustainable housing solutions in rural Uganda. Hamidu Ssonko, will be attending University of Nevada-Reno for Leadership in Business

Ronard Tushabe – MWF 2022 – Mbarara, Uganda. Tushabe Ronard is a Founder and Director of Empower Youth in Technology (EYIT) in Mbarrara, Western Uganda, where he oversees the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of technology innovation and business incubation activities for the organization. Ronard is passionate about technology innovation and business incubation specifically focusing on building capacity of young people to develop technology solutions. Ronard Tushabe, will be attending University of Notre Dame for Leadership in Business.

Alfred Awilo – MWF 2022 – Arua, Uganda. Alfred Awilo is a South Sudanese refugee living in West Nile Uganda involved in social enterprises for the refugee community.  Awilo Alfred is the Founder and Executive Director of Youth Camp Africa(YCAUganda), and Chairperson for Tokori community in Uganda, A Refugee Youth Leaderfor ocea cluster, a second place winner (Uganda refugee youth entrepreneurship challenge 2019). Awilo Alfred, will be attending Drake University for Leadership in Business.

Henry Ssekigozi – MWF 2022 – Jinja, Uganda. Henry is an Agronomist and Entomologist at MTK Uganda Limited. He is also the CEO of Fresh Leaf Uganda, a company he started during the 2020 COVID-19 lock down to assist farmers who were stuck with their produce by connecting them to profitable and reputable buyers both locally and internationally. Henry Ssekigozi, will be attending Drake University for Leadership in Business.