Nile Explorer Bus Launches 12-Stop Youth Engagement Tour | Kampala, November 5, 2021 | PR 16/2021

Kampala, November 5, 2021 – Today the Nile Explorer bus, an initiative of the United States Mission in Kampala, launched a new tour of Ugandan communities to inspire youth through interactive STEM and health activities.

Addressing youth participants in a Nile Explorer outreach program, Deputy Chief of Mission Christopher Krafft noted “The Nile Explorer has been revitalized as an American Space for innovation and exploration and is an essential part of the United States’ commitment to empowering youth across Uganda.  The bus is about fostering a spirit of innovation in young leaders towards tackling tomorrow’s most pressing challenges.”

The Nile Explorer, operated by the U.S. Mission’s implementing partner in the project, Open Space Centre, is equipped with computers, basic STEM laboratory materials, and informational healthcare resources.  It serves as a mobile American Space designed to provide extracurricular STEM and health-related activities to young leaders between the ages of 13 and 19.  The Nile Explorer’s tour kicked off with a program at Blend Gardens in the Kalerwe neighborhood in Kampala.

In line with COVID-19 safety protocols, participants and trainers in the Nile Explorer’s activities taking place in the coming weeks and months around Uganda will be masked, the vast majority of activities will take place outdoors, and the number of program participants will be restricted. Participants will attend sessions for several days that explore various STEM and health-related topics, such as the scientific method and the value of experimentation, malaria and HIV prevention, and the importance of vaccination.

The U.S. Mission in Uganda originally introduced the Nile Explorer four years ago as a mobile library to promote literacy among Ugandan youth.

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