NOFO | Building Tolerance in Education Systems in Uganda | Closing: June 16, 2020 | Extended

Funding Opportunity Number: SFOP0006738

Opportunity title: Building Tolerance in Education Systems in Uganda

Closing date: June 16, 2020 | Extended

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Funding opportunity description: This two-step research and capacity building and curriculum development program will help inform key Ugandan decision-makers’ efforts to (a) understand the sources of materials and training in Ugandan primary and secondary Islamic education systems and (b) develop strategies to integrate concepts of inclusion, pluralism, and religious tolerance in primary and secondary education curricula in religious and secular schools. The first component will assess the diverse range of religious curricula and instruction in Uganda, initially focusing on primary and secondary Islamic schools. The second component will work with CSO, Embassy staff, and Ugandan stakeholders to facilitate activities in Uganda, which may include providing technical assistance in drafting curriculum guidelines, providing input into teacher training curriculum, instructional quality assurance, assessment consistency, policy support, or other activities, in order to increase religious tolerance, pluralism, inclusion, and critical thinking in education curricula in all (both religious and secular) classroom settings.