NOFO: Mobile Bus (Nile Explorer 2.0) Program Operation | Closing: September 1, 2020 by 11:59 PM (UTC+3)


Notice of Funding Opportunity

Funding Opportunity Title: Mobile Bus (Nile Explorer 2.0) Program Operation

Funding Opportunity Number: AFKAM-20-01

Deadline for Applications: September 1, 2020 by 11:59 PM (UTC+3)

CFDA Numbers: 19.441 – ECA American Spaces; 19.040 – Public

Diplomacy Programs; 19.029 PEPFAR

Total Amount Available: $108,000

This notice is subject to availability of funding.

Expected Number of Awards: One or more awards may be made under this funding opportunity. The Grant Officer may determine that multiple awards are necessary in order to comply with U.S. Federal funding regulations. In such a case, the multiple awards will be made to the same awardee but with different funding sources and for distinct specific purposes as required by law or policy.

Please read this announcement carefully prior to submitting an application.

Download Detailed NOFO | Nile Explorer Notice of Funding Opportunity(.docx)

Download Detailed Q and A Document | Q&A on the Mobile Bus NOFO (.docx)

Visit for more detailed information on the Nile Explorer Notice of Funding Opportunity and how to apply.

For-profit entities are not eligible to apply for funding under this announcement. No exceptions can be made to this requirement.

The Embassy cannot provide additional individual guidance or preliminary feedback on proposals as doing so may give any one applicant an advantage over another in the application process. You may submit questions about this funding opportunity to prior to August 12, 2020. All answers will then be provided in writing and published as an addendum to this notice.

For questions relating to, please call the contact center at 1-800-518-4726.



The U.S. Embassy, Kampala, Public Affairs Section (PAS) is pleased to announce an open competition to manage a mobile American Space. The “Nile Explorer” is a large bus decorated in red, white, and blue. It sparks excitement for learning, and particularly STEM learning, as it travels the country with computers, books, and other educational games and resources. It has been in operation since 2017. This bus travels throughout Uganda, promoting American culture and values while conducting programming for primary and secondary students in four major areas: American culture, STEM, literacy and a love of reading, and life skills. The bus occasionally supports other U.S. mission initiatives like educational advising (EducationUSA), limited-duration thematic programs like the 16 Days Against Gender-Based Violence, or special events like concerts or festival appearances. The programming is supported by a staff of instructors and a collection of materials like books, periodicals, films, computers with internet access, and games such as building bricks. This connects Ugandans in underserved areas with educational opportunities and serving as a program venue for U.S. Embassy Staff and visiting speakers. The bus has benefitted from coordination with U.S. Peace Corps volunteers in schools across Uganda, but as Peace Corps operations are currently suspended due to COVID-19, proposals should not depend upon this resource to coordinate visits or liaise with teachers and school administrators.

The U.S. Embassy has determined that preventing the spread of HIV and eliminating gender-based violence are priority objectives that should be incorporated into the bus curriculum and activities beginning in 2020.

The Nile Explorer bus is a mobile American Space. Learn more about American Spaces at