Origin Packing Services | 19UG5020G0002 | Closing: March 30, 2020

A complete rate package as listed on ITEM 2-2 Approval to Participate must be express mailed or hand delivered or via a reputable small package forwarder (FedEx, DHL etc.). Hand delivery of packages/envelopes will be accepted that are delivered to the rear gate, U.S. Embassy 1577 Ggaba Road, Kampala, Uganda for the attention of Walter Nabulomi, General Service Office – (Procurement).  All offeror’s rates received after 1600hrs local time March 30, 2020 are final. Complete tender package must be sent in a single mailed document, with all requirements attached. No exceptions after this date and time will be considered.

Download: Packing-Crating-Tender-2020

Download: Letter of intent Kampala – 2020

Download: Rates-Sheet-Packing-Tender-2020-Kampala-final

Download: Tender Compliance Checklist 2020.

Download: Acronyms used within this Tender of service Kampala 2020

Packers are REQUIRED to submit their rates to the U.S Embassy Kampala. The rate quote sheet (see Attachment) for your rate submission is in Microsoft Word format. Assessorial charges must all be all-inclusive under the Tender of Service to include: Terminal handling charges, security fees, documentation and toll gates fees. All rates must be quoted in (USD) United States of America Dollars.