2022 Report to the Ugandan People – 60th Anniversary Edition

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2022 Report to the Ugandan People – 60th Anniversary Edition

The U.S. Mission in Uganda’s 2022 Report to the Ugandan People tells the story of the United States’ enduring partnership with the Ugandan people focusing on the impact of our work to promote economic growth, to improve health and education, to strengthen security, and to foster democratic values.

We produced this report – the sixth annual — to explain what the U.S. government does in Uganda, why we do it, and how it improves the lives of Ugandans.  The report introduces us to some of the millions who have benefited from U.S. programs in Uganda, and are now living healthier, learning better, earning more, and participating more fully in their communities because of the partnership between our two countries.

“With the release of this 60th anniversary edition of the Report to the Ugandan People, we highlight our work with Ugandan communities to build a healthy, vibrant, and prosperous society where every Ugandan child, woman, and man has opportunities to achieve their full potential,” U.S. Ambassador Natalie E. Brown said at the launch of the report February 8, 2023.  Our work aligns with Uganda’s Vision 2040 – Uganda’s development plan.  The United States is a proven partner Uganda can depend on.

Through the 13 U.S. government agencies that comprise the U.S. Mission in Uganda, the United States invests almost USD 1 billion (UGX 3.6 trillion) annually in Ugandan communities, largely through more than 100 implementing partners and civil society organizations, many based in Uganda and Ugandan-led, that deliver programs to every district in Uganda.

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