REQUEST FOR AIR FREIGHT SERVICES – Tender No.19UG5019G0001 | Closing Date extended: March 11, 2019 – 16:00hrs

U.S. Embassy, Kampala, Uganda

General Service Office- Shipping Section

1577 Ggaba Road, P.O. Box 7007

Kampala, Uganda 


Tender No. 19UG5019G0001

January 30, 2019

Download: Air Freight Tender USE Kla 2019

Download: Certificate of Independent Price Determination – word document

Download: Rate Sheet USE Kla 2019 – excel document

  1. U.S. Embassy Kampala Tender requirements
  1. Please provide U.S. Embassy Kampala with your most favorable air freight rates, up to free arrival destination, valid from April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020. The destinations on the attached spreadsheet are our regular destinations. Airlines are expected to quote for all destinations to make your quote valid.
  1. b) Rates provided are to be inclusive of all charges (air freight, AWB fees, Admin fees) from Entebbe to final destination airport and must cover air carriage all the way. A special table has been provided for all surcharges such as fuel and security.

Do NOT include the fuel and security surcharge into your basic rate per kilo.

  1. c) Rates are to be quoted in US Dollars only and only to two numbers behind the decimal point (no other currency).
  1. d) Routings: You are required to show indirect routings (in case flights are not non-stop). For multi-leg shipments, please indicate for each leg type of aircraft with the pertaining maximum dimensions and weight/piece allowed. Please indicate those destinations on a separate sheet that require such indirect routings.
  1. e) Aircraft type, airline and maximum dimensions allowed (length, width and height) MUST be indicated for each bid. Please ensure that this information is accurate.
  1. f) Please advise Hazardous Material fee per shipment.
  1. S. Air carriers must be used where available.
  1. Rates can be adjusted only through the expressed written approval from the Contracting Officer. All requests for change must be in writing.
  2. The rates offered under this Tender must be made available to the American Embassy Kampala appointed vendors for booking air shipments directly with the assigned airline. Under this scenario, the Embassy Kampala issues the work order, makes the shipment available to the airline through an appointed vendor, provides any required paperwork and pays the invoice for each booking after task completion.
  1. Handling requirements
  1. Embassy Kampala notifies the Airline about available shipments for airlifting. No shipment should be accepted from an Embassy packing Vendor without notification from the Embassy. Full flight information (air waybill number, flight number and departure date) is to be provided to Embassy Kampala personnel via email within TWO workdays after receipt of the initial notification.  Please note that multiple-leg shipments require multiple flight information.
  1. b) Any delays or cancellations of flights are to be reported immediately via email.
  1. c) Each Embassy Kampala shipment needs its individual Master Air Waybill. Consolidation on the airway bill is prohibited.
  1. e) Shipper’s copy of the master air waybill must be shared with the Packing agent within 48 hours after departure (showing exact markings and cargo description).
  1. f) Shipments are to be consigned to an American Embassy, ELSO – American Embassy Office or stated Consulate only as shown on the Shipping Instructions Government Bill of Lading, and NOT to an agent.
  1. g) The responsibility of the TSP (Transportation Services Provider) shall be assessed as follows:

For household effects: The TSP (Transportation Services Provider) must offer full replacement or repair value for damaged or lost items or in case of total loss, at a base value of $8.50 times the net weight of the shipment in pounds.  Full replacement cost shall be the cost of a new item which is identical or materially similar to the item that was lost, destroyed or damaged.  The TSP’s maximum liability to the Government shall be $153,000 per shipment.

For new items: The TSP (Transportation Services Provider) must offer full replacement or repair value for damaged or lost items or in case of total loss, at a base value of $8.50 times the net weight of the shipment in pounds. Full replacement cost shall be the cost of a new item which is identical or materially similar to the item that was lost, destroyed or damaged. For total losses the TSP’S maximum liability to the Government for loss destruction or damage shall be $8.50 times the net weight of the shipment in pounds.

In all cases, ‘shipment’ means the freight booked under a single shipment number which corresponds with a specific AWB number and an in-house booking number such as EL14924455.

  1. Billing


Invoices for services rendered will be submitted for payment of services based on the rates submitted on this tender by the TSP, and will be paid within 30 days from Statement.


Required method for service/statement submission: The TSP must submit all invoices for payment directly and electronically to

We will accept invoices in both Soft & Hard copies; The TSP invoice must contain the following information to facilitate payment:

  1. Name and address of the TSP.
  2. Date of invoice.
  3. Tender and invoice number.
  4. Description of items delivered or services rendered.
  5. Quantities, weight certificate and cubic measurement of items delivered or packed.
  6. Unit price if any and total price to be applicable.
  7. Shipping and payment terms and such other substantiating documentation of information as required by the Tender.
  8. Name (where applicable) the title, the telephone number and complete mailing address of the responsible official to whom the payment is to be sent.
  9. Flight/Vessel details, copy of the electronic bill of lading, port of discharge and port of loading
  10. Description of the load i.e. Crates or FCL
  11. ETA of flight / vessel.
  12. Embassy files reference number.
  13. Fully endorsed AWB by airline’s handling agent or Proof of Delivery signed by owner their appointed representative.

Invoices submitted for payment are to be supported by vouchers covering all disbursements, copies of a signed AWB as a Proof of Delivery.

No additional charges for shipping will be accepted after 90 days from the date of services rendered.

  1. Qualified offers

Only those Airlines which are able to FULLY comply with the requirements cited above need return their offers for consideration.  Offers will only be evaluated when the attached electronic form is used.  In case you have questions regarding the use of the spreadsheet, please do not hesitate to contact us on the email shared below.

Please use the following internet email address to return the filled out spreadsheet. 

Quotes are to be returned by email to U.S. Embassy Kampala no later than March 1, 2019 at 1600 hours.  U.S. Embassy Kampala reserves the right to reject any or all quotes.


Sean Searcie

Assistant General Services Officer


TO:                U.S. Embassy, Kampala, Uganda




This is to confirm that we (I) have read, understood and agree to implement the requirements and conditions of transport contained in U.S. Embassy Kampala cover letter ‘Request for Air Freight Services’.

We (I) understand that failure to comply with any or all requirements could be cause for discontinuance of the use of our services to the affected destination(s).

We (I) understand that inaccurate information provided in response to this tender could result in exclusion from consideration for the related destination(s).

We (I) also understand that repeated infractions may result in exclusion of our company from participation in future solicitations of services.



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