SAFETY CABINET | PR10096852 | Closing: August 27, 2021 at 10:00am EAT


Procurement Reference Number: PR10096852

Requirement: The US Mission in Kampala invites responsible vendors to supply a safety cabinet listed below.





Equivalent of an IsoGARD® Class III Biological Safety Cabinet – Model IG-12

  • Class III: The system shall meet all the requirements of a Class III Biological Safety Cabinet (as defined by the Federal Register and CDC/NIH publication “Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories” 4th Edition).

  • Plug-and-Seal HEPA Filters to allow for the safe and convenient changing of

loaded filters. (Note: Class III requirements specify the use of a secondary HEPA filter or incineration after the first HEPA filter.

  • Unidirectional Air Flow to flush away any generated particulates while bathing the work surface in HEPA filtered air.

  • Negative Pressure that is continuously monitored incase conditions deviate from pre-set criteria.

  • The entire glovebox chamber is constructed of heavy, 11 gauge, 316L type stainless steel with fully welded and polished.

  • Mirror-Quality Safety Glass screens that are extremely scratch resistant and resistant to most all chemical agents typically used in Gloveboxes.

  • Gas Tightness: Gas-tight doors and view screens maintain air conditions Internally as per Class III standards.

  • Stainless steel oval glove ports with one piece sleeve and glove assembly built directly into the view screen for improved visibility and ergonomics.

  • Solid silicone gaskets where applicable.

  • External fluorescent light assembly to provide illumination to the work surface.

  • Electrical Outlets: Two internal outlets are standard in the primary working chamber (220/50 hz). Outlets are equipped with weather-proof covers.

  • Liquid Drainage management.

  • Operators Manual: A complete operator’s manual includes factory acceptance test reports and lists all replacement parts.

  • Primary Work Chamber: shall be supplied with an aluminum frame gel seal – HEPA filter that covers the entire inner ceiling of the work area.

  • Pass-Through chamber with estimated Nominal dimensions 24” x 24” x 29”

  • Double Knife Edge Door and Window Seals

  • Ergonomics to ensure comfort in design while in use.

  • Facilities exhaust system: standard exhaust so the unit requires the option of a on board blower

  • Dunk Tank

Note: Delivery period must not go beyond 2 months after award of contract


Issued Date: August 08, 2021

Closing Date: August 27, 2021
Delivery Terms:
Door to Door

Delivery point:
GSO Warehouse
Plot 63/67 Spring Road, Bugolobi
P.O Box 7007
Kampala- Uganda

Please submit your quotes to email

Quotes MUST have detailed specification as selection will be based on the lowest price technically acceptable. Quotes must be valid for 60 days.

Vendors are advised to add pictorial representation of the offer and state the delivery period.

Ensure that your bid response includes the Reference number stated at the top of this document

Due to the threshold of this requirement, the successful vendor MUST have a DUNS and active in and SAMS

Terms and Conditions

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