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Notice:  Adoption Scams and Fraud

Notice: Case Transfer Responsibilities of Intercountry Adoption Service Providers

Adoption Alert: Uganda’s Residency and Fostering Requirement

NOTICE: Uganda Announces Effective Date of June 2 for Amendments to the Children Act

As reported in the Department of State’s June 2 Adoption Alert, on May 20, 2016, the Ugandan president signed into law amendments to the Children Act. The full text of the amendments can be found on the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development’s website. Ugandan officials have informed us that these amendments went into effect on June 2.

If you have questions about your guardianship or adoption case, please write to adoption@state.gov.  We also encourage you to work closely with your adoption service provider.

Ugandan President Signs into Law Amendments to Children Act. Read more

Identity for Biological Parents:

Effective September 1, 2015, the Adoptions Unit requires that every person appearing for an interview present for the purposes of identification a Ugandan passport, a Ugandan national identity card, a Ugandan driver’s license or a Ugandan voter’s registration card. Except for Ugandan passports, we will only accept the plastic credit-card type of documents that are issued by the Ugandan government. We will not accept any identification cards issued by local authorities or other entities, including booklet-type residential or citizen identity cards. Affidavits from local officials will not be accepted as evidence of identity.

Universal Accreditation Act:

The Universal Accreditation Act went into effect on July 14, 2014. An accredited primary provider is required for all cases begun on or after that date. To read more about the UAA, please click here.