Registering a Non-Government organization in Uganda

In June 2017, the Government of Uganda finalized the implementing regulations for the 2015 NGO Act:

According to regulation 17(3) (g):

(3) The application for registration of an organization incorporated outside Uganda shall be accompanied by—

(g) a recommendation from their government or missions accredited to Uganda;

In order to comply with this regulation, we suggest you bring your organization’s original registration certificate(s) to the Embassy’s consular section, where an officer will notarize a “True Copy of the Original” documents.  The Department of State has no authority to provide recommendation letters for organizations seeking to work in Uganda.

To schedule a notary appointment, email with your requested appointment date and time.  We offer notary services Mondays and Thursdays from 10:00 -11:00 a.m.  This service cost $50 per notary.

Please find additional information about our notary services on our website:

If the NGO Bureau rejects your registration application because the notarized copy is insufficient, please notify us via email:

As these new regulations have significantly altered the operating environment for civil society organizations in Uganda, figuring out how to navigate them will be an iterative process.  We recommend applying organizations consult with legal counsel and other local stakeholders.