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Welcome to U.S. Exchange Alumni Network Uganda


The U.S Exchange alumni network (USEA – NETWORK Uganda) is an umbrella organization that brings together alumni of U.S. exchange programs in Uganda.

The United States has for more than six decades sponsored close to 5000 Ugandans to participate in academic, cultural, and professional exchange programs across several U.S based organizations, schools, universities, and States.  U.S. exchange alumni in Uganda continue to create positive change through multi sectoral interventions as champions of innovation, leadership, advocacy, research in Uganda .  As we celebrate more than 60 years of USA – UGANDA relationship, more than 4,700 Ugandans have participated in the U.S. Government (USG) sponsored exchange programs to promote the mutual interests of both countries. This relationship is the ultimate inspiration for the creation of the U.S. Exchange Alumni network to cascade the impact of Alumni as we promote core values for national development. In partnership with the state department (public affairs section) of the U.S. Mission in Kampala, the U.S. Exchange Alumni Network Council members work to support the growth and development of the U.S. Alumni community in Uganda.

USEA- Network Uganda believes that an experience is twice as valuable when shared with others, and even more when harnessed for the betterment of the community. We also believe that every alumni has a role to play in the future of their communities.


To unite alumni of U.S government-funded exchange programs, fostering social – economic development, equal opportunities, and national progress.


Nurturing a robust and lasting bond between the United States and Uganda through alumni engagement.

Alumni Leadership

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Meet the U.S. Exchange Alumni Network council members.


Contact USEA Network;
Email: info@usealumniuganda.com
P.O Box: 9880 Kampala – Uganda
Office: American Center, Rooftop, Embassy plaza – Ggaba road.