U.S. Mission Uganda Honors Four Ugandan Women of Courage

From the Left, Winnie Nakalema, Nurse Administrator; Kitovu Hospital – Health , Donata Komuhangi - Economic Opportunities, Colonel Rebecca Mpagi - Peace and Security and Justice Lydia Mugambe - Ssali, Judge of the High Court - Governance and Human Rights

On March 4, U.S. Mission Uganda partnered with Isis-Women’s International Cross-Cultural Exchange to celebrate Uganda’s most courageous women (pictured above) in the categories of Governance and Human Rights, Economic Opportunities, Health, and Peace and Security. These women overcame significant barriers and demonstrated immense tenacity in championing an exceptional cause that has contributed to the development of their communities.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Ambassador Scott DeLisi said, “Believe in your strength, in your intelligence, and in your capacity to achieve.  Do not let others define you by your gender.  Instead, define yourself by your dreams and your accomplishments.  Don’t wait for others to give you permission to make your dreams a reality.  Just do it!”

U.S. Mission Uganda is dedicated to the empowerment of women in Uganda and strongly believes that women’s rights are not just a matter of justice, but also integral to global security, peace, progress, and prosperity.