Uganda Unveils Its Climate Change Indicators and Communications Strategy

KAMPALA – On September 18, the Government of Uganda launched its new strategy to spread information on climate change adaptation across the country. The four-year Uganda National Climate Change Communications Strategy and Standard National Climate Change Indicators, developed with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), will also help integrate climate change adaptation into government planning and budgeting frameworks.

This new Communications Strategy will ensure that climate information is consistently and widely shared throughout Uganda. The Climate Change Indicators will likewise be critical in tracking the integration of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in development programs.

This important effort was made possible by a $25 million award from the American people supporting agricultural development, trade, and adaptation in Uganda. Over the last five years, USAID’s Feed the Future Initiative has helped Uganda’s institutions to prepare and respond to the impact of weather variability on agriculture and improved the potential of private sector and civil society organizations to contribute to policy decisions related to agriculture, trade, and adaptation.