USAID Awards $148 Million To Improve Education, Health, and Safety of Ugandan Children and Youth | PR 10/23 

KAMPALA, September 28, 2020 – The United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), has awarded the $148 million Integrated Child and Youth Development (ICYD) activity to the Education Development Center, an international non-profit, to deliver basic education, health, child protection, and economic strengthening services to Ugandan children and youth over the next five years.  The program will work in  73 districts in Uganda with the highest numbers of orphans and vulnerable children to strengthen early grade reading, reduce gender-based violence and HIV infection rates, engage youth in livelihood activities, and strengthen child protection systems.   

“Ugandan children and youth, particularly girls and the most vulnerable, face significant barriers to acquire the skills needed to lead healthy and productive lives.  This new activity builds on USAID’s longstanding partnership with the Ugandan people to improve the quality of education and provide better opportunities to Ugandan  children and youth so they can achieve their full potential,” stated the USAID Mission Director for Uganda, Richard Nelson.

USAID is proud to partner with the Education Development Center, the Government of Uganda, civil society, and private sector actors on this activity and looks forward to our collective achievements over the next five years.  In addition to the program interventions mentioned above, ICYD will also build on ongoing USAID-funded efforts to provide psycho-social support to teachers and learners during the period of COVID-19-related school closures so that they are fully prepared to re-engage once schools re-open.

This award affirms the U.S. government’s continued commitment to support the people and Government of Uganda and to mitigate the learning disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The U.S. government provides around $936 million in annual assistance to Uganda, including $46 million in 2020 to support the country’s COVID-19 response.  

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