USAID and Ministry of Health launch new quality improvement interventions for Uganda’s health sector

Despite significant gains in Uganda’s health sector, there remains a need to make quality improvements in service delivery throughout the country. International donors and Uganda health officials echoed this sentiment at the 3rd National Quality Improvement Conference in Kampala on Monday, August 22. During the event, more than 500 health sector managers launched Uganda’s new National Health Sector Quality Improvement Framework and Strategy.

Addressing partners at the conference, USAID-Uganda Mission Director, Mark Meassick said, “The need for quality services is increasing day-by-day. To cope with the increasing demand, there are a million more Ugandans born every year, Uganda’s health system must change. We need a paradigm shift from a disease-specific focus to a health system focus.”

USAID/Uganda supports the Ministry of Health to improve the quality of maternal and child health, reproductive health, and comprehensive HIV/AIDS care delivery for adults and children. In 2015, the U.S. government provided nearly $500 million in assistance to various health programs in Uganda.