VA : No. 2019 – 006: Writer – Kupsabiny (2) | Closing: Wednesday August 14, 2019 at 4.45pm

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT | No. 2019 – 006: Writer – Kupsabiny (2) 

Peace Corps is an international autonomous agency of the US Government with operations in over 65 countries. It operates in Uganda by the invitation of the Government of Uganda. Peace Corps Uganda has memorandum of understanding with government ministries that outline broad areas of agreement of cooperation regarding the work of Peace Corps Volunteers in Uganda. Volunteers are assigned to government and non-government agencies and organizations, community based organizations, universities, colleges and schools who partner to enable Volunteers to provide capacity building in Education, Health and Community Agribusiness. Peace Corps also aims to build cultural understanding between Americans and Ugandans.

Announcement date:               Wednesday July 31, 2019

Closing date:                           Wednesday August 14, 2019 at 4.45pm

Position title:                           Writer

Reports to:                              Training Manager

Day to day supervision:           Language & Cross Cultural Coordinator

Overall supervision:                Country Director

Position type:                          Personal Services Contractor / Short Term

(Contract period September 1 – 28, 2019)

Location:                                 Training venues in or out of Kampala, within Uganda

Basic Function:

United States Peace Corps Uganda is preparing language materials for its Pre-Service Training to be used by Trainees and Volunteers.

In view of this, it has undertaken to produce local language manuals in Kupsabiny.

Description of Work

Your description of work as a Writer is as follows:

  • Replicating Language Manual, Exercise Workbook and Phrasebook into Kupsabiny language following closely the existing Manual as a guide.
  • Translating the Table of Contents for the above mentioned based on existing ones following a Meaning-based approach.
  • Providing Grammar Reference, Functional Phrasebook, Glossary and Grammar Chart at the end of the Language Manual
  • Translating the Introduction to Survival Language Tape Scripts, Teacher Terminology, Agribusiness Terminology and Safety & Security Phrases into Kupsabiny Language.
  • Giving the equivalent of Kupsabiny greetings in the Greetings Book.
  • Editing and proof reading all the translated texts to ensure that the corrections have been done satisfactorily.
  • Recording of Manual Tape Scripts, Survival Kupsabiny, passages and songs.
  • Sharing any other information and tasks related to manual writing to facilitate team work and smooth completion of the given assignment.


  • Participation in the introductory sessions to ensure proper understanding of the method work.
  • Perfect knowledge in proper use of office the equipment (Computer, Printer, photocopier, Scanner, etc).
  • Excellent computer skills (MS Word)
  • Strong typing skills to ensure completion of the assigned work within the scheduled time.
  • Gather existing published materials in Kupsabiny language to be used as reference materials for proper syntax and spellings.
  • Willingness to live away from home to a location conducive to writing the mentioned materials for the duration of the exercise.
  • Proper documentation and filing of the finished work and handing it to the Language & Cross-Cultural Coordinator.


  • Completed Language Manual, Exercise Workbook and Phrasebook.
  • Translated Introduction to Survival Language Tape Scripts, Teacher Terminology, Agribusiness Terminology and Safety & Security Phrases into Kupsabiny Language.
  • Recorded Language Manual Tape Scripts, Introduction to Survival Kupsabiny, passages and songs.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience desired:

  • Diploma in the area of specialization
  • Experience in teaching a local Ugandan language to Peace Corps Trainees
  • Experience in teaching and analyzing a Ugandan language
  • Experience in adult education training and community development
  • Good interpersonal, counseling and intercultural skills
  • Excellent communication skills in English and at least one Ugandan language
  • Good judgment and problem solver.

Applicants must be legally able to work in Uganda.

How to apply

Only Electronic Submissions will be accepted.

Please submit only Ms. Word formatted documents to include: a letter of interest (1 page), resume (3 pages maximum), names and contact information for three references to

Clearly indicate your name and the position applied for on the subject line of the cover email as well as on all the attachments: For example “Katungu Bonita_Writer Kupsabiny” for the Writer – Kupsabiny Position. Do not write any other words in the subject line of your mail. Submitted documents become the property of the Peace Corps and will not be returned.

You will be contacted ONLY if you are deemed qualified. If called for an interview, you will be expected to bring a reference letter from your area Local Council (LC1) as well as your academic credentials.