VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT No. 2018 – 007 | Grants Coordinator | Closing: Monday November 5, 2018 

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT No. 2018 – 007 | Grants Coordinator

About Peace Corps in Uganda

Peace Corps is an international autonomous agency of the US Government with operations in over 60 countries. It operates in Uganda by the invitation of the Government of Uganda. Peace Corps Uganda has memoranda of understanding with government ministries that outline broad areas of agreement and cooperation regarding the development work of Peace Corps Volunteers in Uganda. Volunteers are assigned to government and non-government agencies and organizations, community based organizations, universities, colleges and schools who partner to enable Volunteers to provide capacity building in Primary Literacy Education, Community Health, and Agribusiness. The Peace Corps program also aims to build cross-cultural understanding between Americans and Ugandans.

See for more details about Peace Corps Uganda.

Announcement date:               Monday October 22, 2018

Closing date:                            Monday November 5, 2018 

Position Title                           Grants Coordinator

Supervisor                               Director of Programming and Training (DPT) SOW reviewed & Revised October 2018

Position type:                           Personal Services Contract, full time, 40hrs/week.

Location:                                 Peace Corps Office in Kampala

Travel Requirements : Land travel is required wherever trainees and Volunteers receive training or serve as Volunteers which currently are in all the regions of Uganda except the Karamoja region. Certain sectors or initiatives may start in a few areas and expand or shift over time to new areas as determined by senior staff. Expect an average of 20% of time spent on travel.

Special note : The services to be performed will be subject to the ultimate responsibility and authority of the Country Director (CD) who is responsible for all Peace Corps activities in Uganda.

This is a local hire position and applicants must be legally able to work in Uganda.


The Grants Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day administration of grant projects at Post. The coordinator serves as the primary grant program contact at Post for Volunteers, other Post staff, and Peace Corps/headquarters grant program support staff. The Coordinator stays abreast of program requirements and guidance and ensures that the Post’s policies, procedures, and approved grants are consistent with such guidance. He / She will oversee the timely and accurate submission of grants applications and reports. 


Grant program management and oversight (80%) 

  • Understand grant program rules and requirements; Knowledgeable about the Peace Corps Grants On Line (PCGO), keep abreast of updates/best practices for grant programs and convey updates to the small grants committee and Volunteers.
  • Primary liaison with Peace Corps/headquarters on grant program(s), contact Peace Corps/headquarters grant program points of contact with questions and program updates; submit all required reports to Peace Corps/headquarters.
  • Establish and maintain official grant files.
  • Organize, prepare for, and facilitate small grants committee meetings.

Seeking and allocating funds

  • Provide support to CD and DPT in determining funding needs and negotiating new funds; provide input on funding needs based on remaining carryover funds and spending patterns.

Working with funding partners/donors

  • Liaison between PC and partners as delegated by the CD, serve as day-to-day liaison with in-country funding partners (USAID or other) regarding ongoing grant program operations.
  • Compile Mid and Annual grant reports in consultation with DPT/CD to PC Headquarters and USAID or other funding partners.
  • Ensure that funding partners/donors are aware of Peace Corps’ policy on external funds.

Financial management of grant funds

  • In coordination with the administrative unit, track grant spending and available funds by grant program and by funding areas (e.g., by SPA program element).
  • Work with administrative unit to ensure financial processing of approved grants.
  • Works with Admin to close Volunteer grants.

Orienting and training Volunteers

  • Work with DPT to introduce grant programs to PCVs.
  • Support Volunteers to navigate through the PCGO
  • Advise PCVs on accessing grant funds and developing projects.
  • Ensure that Volunteers are aware of the Peace Corps’ policy on external funds.

Project design

  • Understand PDM tools and train Volunteers and Counterparts on the tools.
  • Work with volunteers in proposal writing and help them develop potential projects for the community
  • Work with the Volunteers to ensure community involvement and develop acceptable activities 

 Project review and approval

  • Review Volunteers’ grant applications before disseminating them to the small grants committee members and appropriate PMs.
  • Conduct grant reviews with review committee
  • Facilitate communication and feedback from the review committee with Volunteers to follow up on requested application revisions.
  • Ensure that funds are available in the proper funding source (including proper program element for SPA) prior to recommending approval of grants.

Project implementation

  • Work with Volunteer during implementation to ensure they are following the grant policies.
  • Communicate to Volunteers what grant funds can and cannot fund
  • Work with Volunteers in the event of project cancelation, transfer, or amendment, to report to the relevant Peace Corps/headquarters office.

Project tracking and monitoring

  • Track the status of all ongoing grant projects using PCGO.
  • Provide status updates to the CD, post staff, and relevant Peace Corps/headquarters staff.
  • Remind Volunteers of their grant status during implementation
  • Visit Volunteer projects to monitor the implementation and advise on the progress

Reporting and closeout

  • Work with Volunteers to complete their grant reports in PCGO
  • Ensure that Volunteers’ completion reports meet all Small Grants Program guidelines. If the project meets the guidelines, submit the report to the director of management and operations. Maintain all Peace Corps Small Grants Program records at the post.
  • Collect and process all grant reports and SPA training activity reports; send reports to Peace Corps/headquarters.
  • Provide regular updates on small grants to USAID or other donors. 

Program learning and evaluation

  • Compile best practices to be used in future program planning. 

General Volunteer Support (20%)

  • May be asked to support the Programming team with site development for new Volunteers. This includes site identification, housing verification, and resolution of any site issues.
  • May be asked to conducts monitoring site visits to Volunteers to ensure Volunteer well-being and community integration.
  • Provide solutions to Programming team for PCV support issues such as: cross-cultural conflict, community and work life integration challenges, and post incident recovery.  The Coordinator listens to and advises and where necessary refers possible mental health and /or medical issues to the PCMO.
  • Implements the Close of Service and Early Termination system including supporting Volunteers with COS documentation.
  • Maintains and Updates Volunteer Committee groups.
  • Oversees the monthly Volunteer newsletter by soliciting contributions from Post staff and Volunteers.

Addresses Volunteer safety and security by adhering to Peace Corps site development policies and procedures.  Identifies and immediately communicates Volunteer safety and security concerns and issues to the Safety and Security Manager (SSM) and the Country Director (CD).  Assists Program Managers/APCDs to ensure that prospective sites meet established programmatic and safety/security criteria (e.g., safe housing, a clearly defined assignment with an organization that shows real interest in working with a Volunteer, etc.). Reviews and references site history files when evaluating potential sites, and incorporates appropriate safety and security-related information into site history files.  Monitors Volunteer compliance with Peace Corps policies, especially related to safety and security. Participates in the design and implementation of the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).  Acts as duty officer, as needed.  Knowledgeable and supportive of Peace Corps safety and security policies and procedures, including the timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons or articles.

The Contractor is subject to worldwide availability and may be requested by the Peace  Corps to be reassigned or transferred permanently to another Peace Corps Post/Headquarters  or  perform temporary duties (TDY) as required and to travel to other assignments within Peace Corps’ as assigned.  Any such reassignment or transfer shall be subject to agreement of the Contractor.  The Statement of Work as defined will remain the same; however the duties may be subject to change as determined by the Contracting Officer.

To the extent Contractor is allowed to operate a US government owned, leased, or rented vehicle (GOV) to perform their job duties, the Contractor must operate that vehicle safely at all times and only operate it for official business purposes as defined in 31 USC 1334.

Contractor is encouraged to refrain from texting or from engaging in any behavior that distracts attention from driving safely at any time.  Except in an emergency situation, Contractor shall not text message (i) when driving a GOV; (ii) when driving a privately-owned vehicle (POV) while on official government business; or (iii) while using electronic equipment supplied by the government while driving any vehicle (even during off-duty hours)


  • A bachelor’s degree in Arts or Social Sciences.
  • Five years of Grant Management experience (Preferably USG grants) and working in an office-environment assisting to manage or coordinate personal support and training activities.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment or prior experience with any international organization or non-governmental organization.  Previous work with Americans is an added advantage.
  • Excellent computer skills including word processing and spreadsheet programs; excellent command of English, both spoken and written, native ability in spoken and written at least one Ugandan language, and attention to detail.
  • Ability to work as a team, extremely flexible with good organization and time management skills.
  • Ability and willingness to travel, as needed, throughout the country.
  • Ability to work on regular Monday through Friday schedule with occasional evening and weekend hours when necessary. 

Position Elements

  • Supervision Received: Supervised by the Director, Programming and Training.
  • Available Guidelines: 1) Peace Corps Manual, “Foreign Affairs Manual reference 2) instructions provided by the Program Managers and the Director, Programming and Training.
  • Exercise of Judgment: Broad exercise of judgment within the confines of job responsibilities.
  • Authority to Make Commitments: The Grants Coordinator is expected to consult widely with other staff to ensure to ensure he/she finds solutions negotiate, and suggest solutions within the confines of the job responsibilities.
  • Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts: Works closely with Programming and Training staff, the DPT and Country Director.
  • Supervision Exercised: None

How to apply

Only Electronic Submissions will be accepted.

Please submit a Word formatted letter of interest, resume (maximum 3 pages), names and contact information for three references to .

Clearly indicate your name and the position applied for on the subject line of the cover email as well as on all the attachments: For example “Akello Ritah_Grants Coordinator” for the Grants Coordinator Position. Do not write any other words in the subject line of your mail. Submitted documents become the property of the Peace Corps.

Peace Corps Uganda provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation.

You will be contacted ONLY if you are deemed qualified. If called for an interview, you will be expected to carry a reference letter from your area Local Council (LC 1) as well as copies of your academic credentials.