World Wildlife Day | Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners and runners up of US Embassy Kampala’s World Wildlife Day photo competition with the theme Wildlife and Uganda’s Waters. These finalists showed us their skill in capturing the beauty and importance of Uganda’s water-dependent wildlife.

Winner: Peter Hogel

Adult Category

Kingfisher dipping wing tip 

The Kingfisher totally relies upon the waters of Uganda, it feeds on fish and nests on the river banks of the rivers.

Location: Uganda




Runner Up: Mwebaze Habib Tezrwa

Adult Category

Sanderling birds at rest as they feed on small fishlings

They fly long distances from the neighboring islands.

Location: Uganda



Winner: Eva Nagels

Young Adult Category

King of Mabamba

This bird is important for Uganda, because it’s a symbolic species, and an endangered bird. This animal is also good for tourism and for the development of the country. It shows the diversity of Uganda and the importance of the water.

Location: Mabamba Swamp, Uganda


Runner Up: Ssebuuma Ivan

Young Adult Category

Water break at the Murchison Falls Delta

The photo shows a kob at the Nile Delta in Murchison falls National Park. This same delta is shared by animals and the people in the neighboring communities who carry out fishing in the same area.

Location: Nile Delta in Murchison falls National Park



Winner: Jim Joel Nyakaana

Mobile Device Category

A thin line between fishing & overfishing

‘Kobya Oluse’ is the name of a rare fish found at Albert Nile in North Eastern Uganda. When small boats are chasing smaller and fewer fish, this becomes a threat to the existence of such fish, even though fish provides food security and is a source of income to the locals.

Location: Albert Nile Bridge in North Western Uganda